Migrating Is No Fun – Part 2


So because of love.. you tell yourself.. no problem.. i’ll give up everything.. i’ve build so hard for the last 10 – 15 yrs. Give up the apartment you just bought and renovated for a good $60K.. paid $220K for the apartment.. and all your shoes.. handbags.. family and friends.. your job.. well just about everything… and not forgetting .. all the food you won’t be able to get .. but you wouldn’t know all that would you ..?? You think it’s alright..! got love.. drink water also lah jadi..!

A Short Break

We are heading to the city this weekend starting Friday. As you all know .. Halifax is a 4hrs drive from Y-town.. and because of the time we will be travelling.. it would mean . .that we will have to stop and feed the brat, so by the time we get there.. it would already be dark.

But it’s a well deserved break.. because i need my chinese food really bad. So prolly no posting for the weekend. I can’t wait to eat some dim sum.. on Sunday, sushi on Saturday, some burger king, and some shopping. This trip is gonna be all about just me.. so lets hope I have it really good.. i can’t wait.


Guess Where We Went?


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This movie theatre in this town is pretty new.. only a few years old.. and having been in Canada for the last 7 yrs.. i’ve only been to a movie less than 10 times. Sad eh..?? At first was because the movie theatre was lousy.. and when they rebuilt and had a good one.. Chloe came along… and of course the darn business.. and no good ex-workers.. that we can’t really depend on. So no movies either. We finally went on Monday .. during Thanksgiving Monday for a show.. and the theatre didn’t disappoint except that the show wasn’t that focus. And at $9.50 a pop.. you’ll expect it to be a clearer picture eh.

Is Sex With White Guy Over-rated..??

What do you think..?? I tell you .. i’ve been asked this question.. so many times.. i feel like puking.. lah..!!

You all tell me what you think about it.. ok. Feedback please.. ! story and sizzling encounter to follow.

Scary Experience

I had quite a scary experience at about midnite.. last nite.. because PB got really sick .. and had to go to the hospital on his own. All sorts of things ran thru’ my mind last nite.. because.. I am quite handicapped without him. We got to work together.. we go home together.. we do everything together. So what was I gonna do if he was hospitalized..??

I put up a brave front.. and i’m sure he did too… because after finding out that he had kidney stones.. which according to the doctor is comparable to a woman giving birth… you can imagine what bitch the pain was. It happened so suddenly and so quickly.. we didn’t know what it was ..nor how to react to it.

He is feeling alot better now.. and yes..we did open the store today.. and he is out on a housecall right now.. but sure doesn’t stop me from thinking .. how i could have helped in that situation..and what would i have done.. if he was hospitalized. I think i need an action plan..! This scary experience sure made me really worried man..!! in a country .. where you are all alone.. without your own friends.. and family… sure isn’t such a beautiful picture .. for those thinking of migrating eh..??

Gift For The Man

For the last 6 yrs or so.. i never really bought anything for the man. Why so..?? because the person earning the money is him.. and if i needed something .. we just go out and buy it. So to me.. it defeats the purpose of asking him for the money.. and then buy something for him right..??

This year.. with all the new things I’ve been doing.. i try to keep those account separate .. so that i can get him something for Christmas.. but guess what.. i still donch know what to get for him.

So HELPPPPP..!! anyone got any suggestions..??? he has everything.. and donch really need nothing. His hobbies are electronic stuff.. like games. But that he can get at dealers price.. so what more can i do…?? Upgrade puter..?? also can get dealer’s price.. so how..??

“Yao” Me

I haven’t been feeling too good these couple of days.. because my Aunt Flow came.. and with it.. of course.. my fibroids acted up.

So it has been 2 days.. since i cooked for the brat.. a proper meal. Well.. I guess Papa doesn’t like it too much.. but of course.. he didn’t complained lah. Guess what he did .. after coming home from Grammie’s..??

Yup.. he cooked rice.. and chopped off chicken.. and marinated them.. getting them ready to cook fried rice for his princess. Plus bathed her … put away all the groceries.. and did laundry.

I guess in normal cases back home.. or during our forefather’s time.. i prolly kenna “Yao” already.. hahahahah!! How times have changed eh..?? Yes.. i am blessed.. ! my in-laws were very understanding too.. and my FIL was trying to cheer me up last nite.. hahahah!!


Size Does Make A Difference

Yup.. it sure does..!! For the other half anyways..!

Wei..!! donch think dirty ok..!! 😛 It’s not his size or my size lah.. 😛 where got time.. 😛 sleep also not enough.. hahahhaha!! It’s the TV lah.. !

Ever since .. the 53″ TV is fixed.. PB now would watch a movie .. or go play a game. Before when we were using a 32″ TV, as soon as the brat goes to bed.. he is on the puter. And you know me and my ice.. since he doesn’t like it.. i crunched them.. where he can’t hear it…. so he is in the puter room… and me in the tv room. But now that he would “ji dong” ask to use the TV instead of staying in the computer room.. i’ve got more time to write my blog.. and do blog hopping… 😉

Lets hope the trend continues.. so that i can reply the comments on both my blog. Coz’ usually by the time he is done with the puter room.. it’s already very late.. and i’m dozing off big time.

7 Random Things About Me

Tagged by G from MommiBee, I changed it a little just for fun.. hahhahaha!!

1. I go psycho when i am hungry.

2. I have a short-term memory.

3. I’m an ice-junkie.

4. I love watching chinese shows.

5. I have a beautiful daughter.

6. I am from Singapore and not China.

7. I think playing game is a waste of time.

Hehhe!! and now to be evil and tag another 5. Let me think about who i am gonna tag.

Yau Siu..!! Say I Professional Chair Sitter..!

Yup.. ! that was what PB told the ladies i was chatting to.. a few nite.. on MSN..! Can die or not.. !! ang moh..!!! But nevermind.. i “terajang” him already..!!

But yes.. to be honest.. i sit alot on my own side of the store.. ;) i have a computer.. dedicated.. just to do my own stuff.. surf the net and all. And then if my favourite customer/s come.. then i will chat with them.. and do a little PR.

Chloe doesn’t usually bothers me at the store.. except for when i have work to do..! she got radar lah.. i tell you..!!! whether is cooking or writing an assignment..!! if i get excited.. that i got an assignment.. that’s when she wants attention lor..!

But yes.. mostly i’m a professional chair sitter..!! good job eh..??


Playing Tai-Chi.. NOT!

One thing good about the ang moh hor.. is that they never blame the wife.. if the child is naughty. Most chinese man i know.. like my father lah.. and my grandfather.. and even my brothers.. they blame the woman/wife.. if the kid/s is naughty.

This morning.. the brat of ours.. was cranking up.. and wanting her own way.. like the way she bullies me. I just got up.. and was in the washroom.. and heard PB tell chloe.. “no chloe.. you are not getting your way .. because everytime.. mummy let you eat elsewhere .. you don’t eat and you bully her, so you are not eating anywhere else except the high chair”

Actually truth be told hor.. i let chloe get away with murder.. i do scream at her.. once she pushes me too far. But most times.. i’m quite patient and let her do whatever she wants. Like eating in the TV room lah.. or eating on her bed in the puter room lah.. or even let her watch tv.. when she wakes up first thing in the morning.. just to keep her quiet. The only time i loose my cool.. is when i am hungry.. and she is still fussing.. and refuses to let me cook or eat.. NOW..!! that’s when i give up.. and either spanked her.. or scream my lungs out at her. I digress.

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Hard To Please .. eh..?

Yup.. PB is making beef stew for tomorrow at 12.30am. All the cutting and cleaning up..and boiling water.. and sauces.. he is doing it all.

I’m just too sick.. to do anything..! i lost my voice.. ! and i’m super pissed..!! Plus PPP got no good opp the whole day..!! the day .. i am free to do whatever i want.. since i have a babysitter. Tuesday.. i had a good opp.. but blogsome was done…!! KILL ME..!! i digress.

Yup.. i very lucky hor.. no need to cook..?? yah.. coz’ i’m punishing PB for not getting me ice to eat for the whole day.. and now.. when i wanna cook for myself.. i kenna have to wait for him to finish cooking. He better wash all the “ka-chang” or else.. the lightning God..!!

Ya.. ya..! i’m a B.I.T.C.H .. when i am sick..! and I wanna eat pei tan chook !!!! No pei tan .. and no maggie instant porridge.. so how..?? eat sandwich with a cup of tea lah..!! then take medication .. and go to bed lor..!! the joy of living in ulu, ulu Canada..!! all in the name of LOVE..!! very costly hor..??


Crook R’ Us


When you have a toddler.. you know for sure.. you have to have alot of tricks up your sleeves for any kinda of situation.

Chloe had hives this morning.. but she refused to drink her allergy medication.. and we couldn’t let her have another bottle of milk.. because that was all she had .. the whole nite.. with her cold and cough medication. No matter what we promised.. or threatened.. she just wouldn’t have anything to do with her allergy medication.

So what do sneaky parents like us do..??? We gave her some chips.. and pepsi.. and guess what was in the pepsi..?? Kekekkekeke!! yup.. no prizes for guessing.. hahha!! she finished her pepsi.. but was a wee bit skeptical that we were giving her pepsi.. because we rarely do it. But she watched her Toopee and Binoo .. and had her pepsi.. but didn’t finished her chips.. since it wasn’t the one she liked.

Fruitful Relationship

After being together for almost 7 yrs now.. i can honestly say .. that i didn’t come to Canada for nothing..!

Knowing that Aunt Flow is here.. and i’ve complained enough .. that i needed to eat nourishing stuff .. during these days.. PB bought me liver.. without asking me at all. And not just any liver.. but Pork Liver.. the ones i liked.

So ya.. after almost 7 yrs. .i can boldy say. he knows some of the things about me. .and my every idiosyncrasies. Notice i didn’t put idiosyncrasy .. it’s because i’m full of it.. hahahha! Yup.. i didn’t come to Canada.. and left everything .. for nothing. It’s something.. and a good something too.

PS :- I can send him out to get me those “pan-tang” things… and no complains whatsoever. If you get a chinese man to do it.. he would prolly tell you .. “CHOI”..!! and his mother and sisters.. and sister-in-laws.. would be making sure you know what a bad wife you are. .for making your chinese man buy “pan-tang” things for you.. !

Any resemblance..??

Daddy & Daughter at 6 months old. Any resemblance..??

To change or not to change..??

Ever since I’ve been in Canada, I’ve been sorta seeing wat my spouse have to go thru’ with the employees he hired. It’s hard to find good help where we are and even harder to retain the good ones. The bad ones we can fire them fast enough. The heartache, headaches, the money, the training and on top of all these .. all the bullshit … he has to put up with. From employees not turning up to work, to those who turn up but don’t work and those who turn up and have his whole family come to work with them or their b/fs or g/fs hanging out at the store for the entire time they are at work. And those who turn up for work drunk, those who thinks that you are setting them up to embarrass them because you told them the right way to do things in front of a customer, or those who will call up and say he is gonna be late for work because his jeans is in the dryer.. and that he had fallen asleep the nite before and didn’t finish putting his laundry in the dryer. And those who can predict when they are gonna be sick. Not forgetting those… who brings all their family problems to work.. fighting at work with their spouse. And those who are on the internet the whole time they are working or working on their website. Plus those who wants to do things the way they think is best and refuses to follow your instructions. And many more… that i wouldn’t go on about.
We do have one good employee that came along.. she has been with us .. for more than a year.. but now .. she is planning to go back to school.. or do something.. “respectful”.. and we don’t know when she is gonna decide .. wat she wants to do… because she is very young still. Of course I encouraged her to go back to school… because if she was my daughter … i would want her to go back to school too.. and finish her school. I know it would sux big time for us.. if she leaves.. but I must do the right thing and cannot be selfish about it.. because it is just not like us to discourage her.. when we know that she is doing something good for herself. But like i said. it would SUX big time because we have come to really like her alot.. because she is sensible.. reliable.. and never argue back.. and someone we can trust and a good employee.
So if Jenn really leaves … we have to decide .. whether to change our opening hours or not..?? Because we can’t hire good employees.. we may have to work ourselves only. For I feel that it may be less heartache and headaches for us.. and we don’t have to deal with all sorts of bullshit. But with Chloe .. we don’t know how it is gonna work out… working on our own only. So the big question is to change our operation time and procedure .. or not..??!!!?? Or do we continue wasting money and time.. trying to find the right employee..??? Is it really so hard to find good ppl who wants to work.. and not give us any bullshit.. and hanky panky..????!!!??? It almost seems impossible to find good ppl around to hire and we are not the only one experiencing this staffing problem, apparently every small business is. So wats is the problem with this town..???!!!?? It cannot be only the wages.. ??!!!??? Because we do pay our employees.. not the top money.. but good money… and good hours.. so wat is the real problem…???? PPl here are too complacent… if they can work the government.. they will.. they go on unemployment.. and collect unemployment insurance .. anytime they can get a chance to .. instead of doing some honest work. I know of a previous employee.. who wanted us to up his pay.. and lessen his hours..hahahahah!!!! Funny person.. ! So when we wouldn’t do it.. he quit.. and collected unemployment for more than a year.. and until .. his unemployment ran out.. he wouldn’t work. I really don’t understand how someone can just sit home and do nothing.. and draw unemployment .. like an invalid..???!!!??? Of course if it was a genuine case.. i can understand .. those ppl drawing unemployment.. but for someone who can work.. and don’t wanna work and expect us to raise his pay.. and lessen his hours.. while he steals from us.. by offering his services to OUR customer at their home for computer repairs .. when we do computer repairs at our store??!!!??? He must think we are dumb.. or wat???!!!???
Anyhow.. i figured it would be best that we work ourselves instead.. if Jenn does leave.. and change the operation hours.. and plus.. Chloe will be growing older everyday.. so things wouldn’t be that bad.. i am sure.. but we’ll have to see. But it does suxs when you cannot get one or two good and reliable employees. Prolly gotta import some from the Philippines…. haha!!

Talking to the whole world except me .. I fucking resent it !!!!!!

Went to bed shortly after midnite.. and by my standard it’s early… and that’s because I’m exhausted.. from having to wait for my spouse.. till 2am .. every morning to go to bed.. just to chat with him for abit.. but it never happens. because by 2am.. either .. chloe is up again for milk.. or I am too pissed to talk with him.. or too tired.. i usually .. dozed off and snore before i even know it. And then I wake up at whatever time Chloe wakes up in the morning.. it could be 5am.. or 7am… and i have to tend to her.. because most times she refuses to go back to sleep straight away.. and wanna see wat the world has to offer her again.
At times.. my spouse will wake up between.. 10.30am – 11.30am.. and i would go upstairs and nap for 2hrs.. but because we don’ t have enough staffing and have to be at work by 1pm this week.. i tend not to go back to bed.. because of the various chores i have to do before going to work.
So i end up very tired.. not enough sleep.. having my menses.. and having to tend to chloe .. at the store.. so that my spouse can work.. from 1pm – 6pm.. and then come home.. feed chloe first.. and then feed myself.. and tend to chloe again.. before she goes down for the nite.. and of course… the mosquitoe bites.. are driving me nuts .. and up the wall.. and i see my spouse get all upset.. frustrated .. and agitated.. if chloe refuses to sleep any earlier.. either because he is tired.. or he wants to see his concubines.. and mistresses.. the everquacks..! So I try to take Chloe from him.. and calm Chloe down.. and play with her .. till she does sleep.. and then I stuff my face with food.. because my spouse will have his face stuff in front of his concubine (the computer)… and not talk with me for a few hours.. while i go about .. doing my own stuff.. like watching a chinese soap opera.. household chores.. and more stuffing of my face.
So by 2am in the morning.. when he is ready to go to bed.. and i’m too frustrated to wait anymore.. i end up .. in my bed .. all upset.. and tired.. and pissed..!
The saga goes on…………
So i went to bed just after midnite.. my spouse did too.. we talked for 2 mins… and i dozed off and snored.. and slept.. too tired.. from the past 3 days .. of sleeping late.. and waking up early with chloe.. chloe got up at about 7.15am.. i fed her.. she refuses to go to bed.. spouse took her for abit… and i took care of my itching legs.. from mosquitoes bite for abit.. and then took chloe from him… and brought her downstairs… played with her for abit.. and she went to nap again at 8.30am… it’s about 9.15am now.. and it looks like she is about to wake up again……. and where is my spouse.. up snoozzzzzzzzzzing……….
See wat i mean..!!!!!!! Oh well..!! we’ve established this.. Chloe is MY baby..!!

Why do I even bother?

Too concern..?? overly motherly..?? or just plain.. waiting to get smack in the face. Everytime, I ask my spouse to go get something to eat, he would either say he is fine.. or he is not hungry. But everytime he doesn’t eat for a long period of time.. i noticed that he gets a uncomfy feeling in the tummy after eating.. which in my opinion .. is norm.. when you don’t eat for a long time.. and then eat.. you get gas, for some ppl .. it doesn’t bother them.. for some it bothers them more. So in order to avoid this discomfort.. i always encourage my spouse to eat like I .. every 3hrs.. but of course.. he refuses to see it my way. And whenever I ask him to go get food (moreso now..because we have to be at the store till late.. since we don’t have even staffing).. he makes me feel like a bug or when he eventually does go get food.. he does it so grudgingly.. and then i get all upset .. because of his attitude. So why do I even bother to even ask him to go get food..??? If I were home .. in singapore.. i would have smack his face.. and send him to London Square.. but for now… i am alone in a foreign country.. no car.. and cannot drive.. so cannot just up and leave.. when he gives me his attitude.. but one day.. one day.. when I am no longer around.. anymore.. i hope that someone treats him the way he wants.. ignore him completely..??!!!??? Don’t care whether he eats or not.. or if his stomach bothers him or not.. in the evening. I hope he gets someone he so rightfully deserve.
So my resolution .. from now.. no more asking him to go eat or get food.. and end up feeling like a damn fool.