New Inventory Often


The boss is constantly buying and stocking up on new inventory.  He never stops buying!  but power to him if he has got the cash for it and don’t owe any suppliers any money.  And yes, we do need more space but I’m not gonna move unless I can buy a building that we can call our own.    And like he said, if you don’t have new inventory then you can keep the customers happy.  So if you are looking for anything game related or computer related, you know where to find it.

Intern Jobs

While bigger businesses have lots of internship, small businesses has been asked to be a role model to high school kids as well and offer internship to these kids who are about to graduate from high school.  We of course, have been asked many a times to train and provide internship positions as well but have yet had any success with it.

This year is no different, we have been approached once again not only by the school but by other people as well.  I’m all for internship because, it will be our chance to give back to the community but being such a small store, the intern will be bored really soon.  So how do I create a viable internship for these kids as well as make the boss interested in taking in an intern?

I threw the question out to the boss again this week but he said that he was too busy to train some one this year because it had been a lot busier since our “friend” quit the store.  We have had more computers come into the store for repairs and more rentals of late and more people coming in to buy consoles as well as movies and games.  I have no idea why the sudden surge of customers but I ain’t gonna complain at all.

But it is a few months more till summer, so I am still hopeful to bring in one or two intern this year.


Yes! we are backlogged having 7 to 8 computers/laptops coming in everyday.  So instead of 24hrs service, we have to say 2 days now.  But the boss is trying his best to finish repairing all the computers/laptops asap.  But I guess we are quite famous these days with computer repairs just by word of mouth.

This August will be our 15 years in business, no easy feat I assure you.  We have seen good customers, bad ones, good employees and bad ones and ignorant people and customers who turn into friends.  It was quite a journey I have to say.

Bad Draft

So the boss finally put up a curtain between the bathroom area and where I am sitting because there is a bad draft coming from there for the longest time.  Even though we had mentioned it several times to the landlord, nothing had been done about it.  I have a heater on below my desk as long as I am in the store but still I’m always cold.  With the curtain, it does help a bit but the draft can be seen and felt better now.  Now I’m just waiting for the landlord to come into the store and I hope that the boss will take the initiative to show him how drafty it is sitting where I am.  And perhaps if we are lucky, he will fix it, one can always hope right?

Winter Renovation For The Store

We are planning to do a little bit of renovation at the store, so  Reid  it is to get all the tools we need for the DIY renovation work.  Why renovation?  because this winter, we are going to tackle the draft problem that we have had for years.  Sitting where I am, there is such a bad draft coming thru’ that I’m constantly cold and have a heater underneath my table.

Of course, the landlord isn’t doing anything about, so we are taking the bull by it’s horn and fixing it ourselves.  This way, I won’t be cold, the store won’t be paying so much to heat the store without bad draft and we can finally have a good winter from then on.

Slave Driver

When I tell ppl that the boss is a slave driver, I’m so not kidding!  Yes! we went to work in the blizzard that we had the other day! i’m not a happy camper that’s for sure.  But we went with him to work because I didn’t want him driving alone in such a weather!  But if it was up to me – I wouldn’t leave the house.

The store was busy despite the bad weather but that’s beside the point !  i still wouldn’t have gone in if the boss didn’t insist on going in *sigh*.  Sometimes I wanna smack that fella!

A Good Rest

A new year and a new start and the most important things in life isn’t money nor materialistic things but a good night sleep every night.  Without a good night’s rest, one cannot start the day well and eventually lead to having a lousy week.  So this year, we started the year with looking at the  the clean bedroom austin  for organic beds for not only ourselves but the kid. Why?  because both the boss and the kid has asthma and we heard nothing but good things about changing to an organic bed for health reasons.  So even though a wee bit more than what anyone wants to spend, I think this is a great long time investment.  I want a good 2014 for the entire family!

We Did It!

Yes! we did it!! we survived the holiday season without any help at the store! woohoo!!!  we are pretty resilient as you can see hahah!!  nothing really deters us.  You see, we had someone who helped us during our supper time and the busy season for the last few years and he said he didn’t want to help anymore.  So that’s ok, can’t force someone to help you when they don’t feel like it right?  afterall, we were thinking that we were helping him.

I didn’t really think that we wouldn’t make it but it would be a bit hectic for us since it was always busy during the festive season but we made it without no one getting sick or anything.  The kid was great during this time and I had a g/f who volunteered to send us home during the days she didn’t have to work and the boss didn’t have to close up at all during the festive season.  We even stayed open on Sundays during the month of December without any help! woohoo!!!

This made us realize something – that whatever the situation, we can make it work.  Hard work don’t kill no one  – now on the other hand, if you don’t work, you cannot buy the things you want – now that must be miserable.  I’ll take hard work anytime.

A New Vaccum

Now that the helper is gone, I needed something to clean the store whereby I don’t have to worry about it being too heavy.  The old one belong to my dead MIL and it was a good one but a really heavy duty one.  So I told the boss I needed one and we went out to get one when we had gone to get the movies a few weeks ago.

I love the new vacuum as I can swish it around anytime I needed and now the store has never looked cleaner.  Money well spent.  But now that we don’t have to pay someone for help, it’s more money to buy stuff for the store and save for a bigger store – woohoo!  in the meantime, we are still looking out to hire someone good.  But no hiring friends and family that’s for sure.

Not Hiring Today

We have had a few people come in with resumes already but we are not hiring at the moment ?  why ?  it’s scarey – to hire anyone these days.  With the luck that we have had, mannnn! i think i rather do it by myself.  No fun hiring someone who thinks you owe it to them to make life better for them and not you.  The last person we hired didn’t wanna do nothing the last 3 months – when he left, the cleaning up of the store was horrid.  Dust were everywhere and it was just horrid some of the things were sticky and we had to tip toe around him.  Not worth all our effort to try and help people.

We will eventually hire I’m sure when we move to a bigger store but this time, it’s gonna be prim and proper and no more hiring friends and people we know or even customers.  It has to be on a professional level and fire when the minute we see no hope in continuing the relationship of boss and employee.

Christmas Shopping

While the spouse loved Halloween, I loved Christmas, so he decorates during Halloween and I do all the Christmas decoration at the store.  I know he gets all his Halloween stuff at  dept 56 halloween  and I also found my Christmas Villages here as well. From lighted houses to theme villages.  This year, the kid and I decided on a peanut village.

I can’t wait to show off our Peanut Village during Christmas dinner with the family!

Hiring 101

Yes, a mistake one should never make is to hire on a friend or family.  And you would think that after being in business for 14 years, we would have learned that but nope !  and guess what ? we got slapped on the face again!

2 years ago, when we hired a friend, we thought we were helping him but 2 years later instead of appreciating it, he decided to bad-mouth us to our customers after he gave his notice.  What a shame ! isn’t it! So the next time we hire friends or family please smack me silly ! hahahha!

Welcome Players & Visitors

It had been a busy few days for us at the store with the Street Hockey right in front of our store.  The excitement and people in downtown was truly amazing, I for one was very excited to see the downtown so vibrant.  And even with the road blocks and all, we still saw a fair bit of new customers and old ones in the store for the last few days.  Hockey players were in the store for 3 days in a row buying games and renting movies.   I don’t know about the rest of the town, but we sure were busy and opened earlier than usual and closed later too.  I truly hope that those who had visited the town, had enjoy the town and will come back or at least talk about this town.

New Gadget For Computer Repairing

Some new gadget that we ordered for a customer and now we also have one so that if you need your computer reformatted or need stuff to be transferred from one hard drive to another, it would be so cost effective for us.

We do sell this at our store of course now for folks who have a business and needs back up for their other computers or the hospital or schools. A local school already ordered one from us – we are happy to have found this thru’ our customer.

14 Yrs In Business

Celebrating our 14 years in business and I cannot believed that I’ve been here for almost 13 yrs – not an easy feat – not an easy ride but I’ll have to said I enjoyed every moment of it especially now.  Why now?  now that the business is doing good and the we don’t owe anyone any money – I’m of course the happiest.  The boss is the most honest person and never charges anything more than he should – sometimes I wanna strangle him but I’m happy that he is honest.  That way we can sleep and be happy.  So here’s to another 14 years of good business.

Piano Lessons For Kids

Many parents wants their kid to take up piano lessons when they are young but they are afraid to get a real piano right away because you never know if you can keep the kid interested.  I can fully understand it because my kid had just started taking up piano lessons too.  We bought a keyboard for  her because it’s cheap and easily available but when she came home and told me that she needed to use a pedal for practicing I got worried too – that she may not be learning to do certain things correctly.   I had wanted to rush out to get her an acoustic piano but learned that a sustain pedal  is all I needed to get for her.   So for those who are worried about the same issues, have no fear because the sustain pedal is made to feel just like the pedals on the acoustic piano.

For A Good Cause

I bidded for this painting by Andrea Hines on behalf of the store – because it was for a good cause.  It’s for the newly open Hebron Art Center that is spearheaded by an extended family.  He is not getting paid for what he is doing nor is he getting any break in his taxes, he is doing it because of his love for an art theater and all the good stuff.

So in order to show our support to the community, I decided to bid for the painting – little did I know that I would get the painting for a steal.  And I love the painting a lot!

Slow Computer

My computer in the office had been driving me nuts lately – and i suspect that it’s because of spyware since i loved watching my chinese movies online.  Regrettably, I’m unable to get any chinese movies here in town or even in the city because I’m in the West and the ones that is on Fairchild – that offers chinese shows are ones that I’ve already watched a long time ago.  And apparently, my free anti spyware  isn’t as good as the one that one paid for – thus I’ve decided to invest in a anti spyware that can protect my computer for work on real time.

Even thought the spouse is technically inclined, I don’t really want to make him work on my computer if he doesn’t have to – especially since he needs to clean out customer’s computer all the time.  So I’m pretty smart – and for those customers out there – you should get one too – because it’s definitely a good investment.

Building For Sale

Yes, another building up for sale but we had thought that the owner was selling it to her niece, so we were quite surprised to see it on the real estate listing. Locality is good and the building is by far the best we’ve seen in terms of condition and only needs a few more  destaco clamps  to work on some areas and it’s ready to be used in any way we want.   Unfortunately, the price is pretty high and even though we can afford it – we are not willing to pay that much for a building and then left with no cash to turnover.

Of course, if the owner is desperate enough, she might consider lowering the price and we can think about it again. But thus far, the building is not as big as we want, so we are not in a hurry to make an offer yet. I figured if we needed to spend as much money, we might as well purchase a bigger location, and then renovate it ourselves to what we want and turn the extra space into a income property.  Lots of potential in other buildings in the town.

New Store New Renovations

So our journey continues, looking for a bigger store to  move into and we have had several options from owning our own store to renting a bigger one.  But all needed some kind of renovation work – the difference is only – whether we have to fork out the money on our own or continue renting from the same landlord in a bigger location.  So I went looking at  replacement windows richmond va  for some prices for comparison – in case we decide to buy a building – which is the preferred option.  But any place that we decide to move needs good windows because we have had experience where the windows are not double paned, we ended up paying a lot in heat and that really almost caused us to close our store one year many  years ago.

So this time, we are going to be very smart, if we do move in anywhere, we are going to have the windows replaced and doors replaced since they are very old buildings and only by doing it the right way the first time, we don’t have to pay and arm and a leg for heat.   A lot is on the table right now and even though I rather stay at this location because of the best feng shui we’ve had in years, it’s a necessity for a bigger store.