Woohoo ..!! Dwight Is Coming To Town..!

Yes.. Canadian Idol Finalist 2007.. home boy .. Dwight Deon is coming to town..!! I hear the town is gonna have a march to welcome him into town.. this weekend. It’s all going onto national tv.. and everything.

Happy for Dwight .. of course.. but nah.. we are not going to watch him.. in the Mariner Center.. and is he gonna bring in more business for the town..??  I doubt so..! i seriously doubt so.  Sure it’s gonna be on National TV and all.. but the ppl in Canada.. prolly donch even know where Yarmouth is.. muahahhahahaha!!!


The Host

Have you been invited lately to a housewarming, BBQ or for us here.. mostly long weekends get together with family and friends. Do you believe in giving/bringing a gift for your host..?? Are you like me.. and like most folks..?? always bringing a bottle of wine…??

Gift for the host need not be expensive.. and you can buy gifts .. that are within your budget.. and appealing.  You may consider these for the host in the future, gifts that I’ve bought before besides wine.

1.    Candles or candle holders

2.    Soap.  Not bath soap.. but hand soap.

3.    Sampler packages are good too, depending on what your host loves, you can choose from jam packages, tea packages, or seasoning packages.

4.    Potted plants.  Donch give bouquet of flowers ya..!  I hate receiving bouquet of flowers… but with potted plants.. they last for a long time.

5.    Music CDs  .. especially if you know what your host loves in the music scene.

The above are what i would love to get if i am the host.  I have 5 more things I would love to receive ..  but first tell me .. what you would consider as good gifts .. for the host. Leave a comment.. so i can compile it..  🙂


Immigration Turnaround

Isn’t it funny that one can just go back to the United States and come right back to Canada.. and have their permit chopped for another year just because you are American Citizen..??

Yup.. this was exactly what happened to one of our customer.. who married her husband whom she had met online. He was already in Canada for a good 1 yr.. and knowing that his visitor pass is gonna expired.. they drove to Maine and turned right back after going thru’ the American custom.

And you know what.. they had absolutely no problems.. when coming thru’ the Canadian custom.. !!!! Unbelievable..!!  I’m a little perturbed.. because 6 yrs ago.. i was in the same situation.. and yer know what.. they turned me around.. and wouldn’t let me go thru’ till the next morning..!!  Why hor..?? is it because i’m not from the States..??  and a singaporean..??


Trust the Quebec

Quebec is part of Canada .. if you donch know by now. And trust the french..! they are now translating all the video games to be sold in Quebec to FRENCH..!!

“The Quebec government is close to finalizing a deal with the Entertainment Software Association of Canada to have all games sold in Quebec translated into French, the Canadian Press has learned. “

With added costs.. i wonder how many games they are going to get..?? from the distributors. A question of goodwill they said..?? Hmmm.. i doubt..!

Court orders Montreal school board to rehire convicted killer

Montreal’s largest school board has been ordered to rehire a teacher who had been fired for failing to disclose to the board that he had killed his wife in 1990.

That’s crazy right..?? You think you will feel safe.. having your spouse, brother, sister or even your buddy taught by a teacher who’ve killed his wife..?? Sure it was 17 yrs ago.. but still.. killing a person.. is not your candy store .. stealing of candies. And the teacher was only sentenced 7 yrs in prison.. ??!!??

I donch know what the reason was behind killing his wife.. but killing another human being is just wrong. And it sure takes alot of guts to kill a person. I won’t even dare kill a chicken.. much less a person..!!

Not only is he a killer.. he is also a liar..!! he didn’t even tell the school board about his criminal records. Well.. the court ruled in favor of the teacher. Not that i’m against.. ppl starting anew.. when they committed a crime.. but this is a killing.. right..?? not just your regular petty crime..!! even if he did rob a bank.. i would say.. yes.. give him another chance.. but killing..!! NO WAY..!! not for me anyways.