How Secret Is Your Vote ?

Well, the town starts voting in a few days and I sure by now most people know who they want to vote or do they?  are we all going to make the same mistakes we made 4 years ago by voting in new people and hoping for the best and changes.  So lets go back 4 years and see what really happened in the last 4 yrs.   Was there really much improvement to the town?  and would you really vote again for the old Mayor, who seems to think that he can fix the previous and current problems that this town have had?

I think who ever gets voted in is going to have a very tall hat to wear.  One thing for sure, the residents of this town is not happy with a lot of things and whoever gets voted in will have to work a lot harder than their predecessors did.  I’m hoping that everyone who can vote will vote because it’s important to vote – whether the right or wrong candidate, I think we can always hope, without hope where would we be?

Males Nurses Needed

The boss and I just came back from a visit to the hospital.  We went to visit a friend who just had a baby and we both agree that more male nurses is needed in this town.  The male nurses in  mens scrubs  and not only good looking they are definitely more sympathetic and has more empathy than the female nurses it seems.  I wished more men would go into this profession because when I was in the hospital a few years ago, it was a male nurse who was very kind to me, when my mother-in-law was in the hospital, it was the male nurses who helped the most and today, we watched a male nurse in his colorful and cartoony scrub play with a bunch of sick kids and doing magic tricks to help them past the time in the hospital – it was a heartwarming sight.

A Great Concern Over Changes With Electoral Boundaries

I’m very concerned over recent even about the changes about to happen with the electoral boundaries of this town.  We’ve talked to our local MLA – whom I liked very much and have faith in and I seriously do not want the town to lose its voice in the government.  AS it is we are already losing so many things  – from the boat to all sorts of jobs and no funding for just about anything.  What else is next?  do we have to move to another town to secure our future and those of my kid?   I’ve signed the petition online and have hard copies of the petition at our store – we cannot let this happen else – we will lose our voice – this town will not count for anything.

A Very Short-Sighted Town Councils & Mayor

So the tall ships are heading to our neighboring town – Shelburne instead of our little town that needed the tourism and the money from drawing the people into this town  but nope according to local news – the mayor said they didn’t want to host the tall ship because they didn’t know if we were gonna get the biggest of the fleet and the smaller ones don’t bring the people in.

Well, well – guess what – the tallest fleet will be in Shelburne and look what we are going to get in this town this summer?  the much needed attraction to bring the people into town.  Lack of foresight is not the only thing this town’s mayor seems to have – apparently they are still focusing on things that are not that important.  Stop wining and dining and put the town’s money into good use!

Business Busy

13 years in business seems to be working out for us really good as we have another contract with another local school  – that had called upon us to see if we would take care of their computers in the school.  Pretty happy to get the call and to sign the contract for it but that would mean that the boss will be busier than ever – and that means more work for me looking after the store while he is gone off site.  But business is business and you never refuse them if they come your way right.  So when people ask us how we are doing – I want to say we are doing just great but one has gotta be humble right?  especially when everyone is struggling and trying to keep afloat.

The Business Of Jewelry

We don’t take jewelry at our store even though people seems to think we do, they bring in their  platinum band, diamond ones and gold band to us all the time.  I sometimes wished we do take them – because I’m sure I can get some really good jewelry at a good price but having said that – we don’t want to take the risk because we don’t know how to differentiate the real stuff and the fake ones.  When I want to buy any jewelry, I would only go to a reputable shop.  So when someone came in with a platinum band, I wanted it so much but had to let it go because the spouse don’t want to take the risk and buy something that is not real.  So I guess I know where I have to get my platinium band now   – and they do make lovely wedding bands too.

EI Rule Changes

So the Federal government just announced that the Employment Insurance rule is now changed due to the amount of EI that they have given out for the last 10 years and rules are going to be more strict.  I say that rules should be more strict with those collecting welfare when they can work.  I’m not against welfare for those who really needs them but for those who just don’t want to work but just depend on welfare when you and I know they can blardy work – should not be given welfare.  This country is in so much debt because women and men go on welfare because they claimed that they can’t work for they have so many children to look after.  I know of many people who just won’t work because they don’t have to as they can collect welfare – stop the welfare and they would definitely have to work – but of course, for those who really need them – please give them all the help you can.

Permanent Resident In Canada Voting Rights

Apparently, the law changed on us and we didn’t even know – as permanent resident of Canada – you cannot vote anymore for anything – not even your town councils or the MLA to represent you.  For those who’ve been PR in Canada and are tax payers – you are not entitled to vote no more !  what the hell right?  yes !  but in a way it’s a relief because the last time i voted for town council – darn all of them turned out to be fools!


No, the beautiful patio set do not belong to us – thank God ! else i would be devastated but this was stolen from a patio in town and this belongs to a local reporter in town.  And when this went viral –  it sure went VIRAL!  OUTRAGEOUS to say the least that someone would be so brazen to remove this set and another from the same house when there were people in the house – but when it went viral – the thieves didn’t get very far – and good to hear that the lady owner got the patio sets back and she is also going to press charges.  I saw a picture of the cops bringing her patio sets back – so at least the cops are good for something eh.  But yes, the pros and cons of living in a small town.

Dealing With Teenager’s Parents

When you are a parent, you really have to behave like one – that way your kid will know that you are serious about stuff and be the parent not being afraid to stand up against your kid instead of us – the poor honest businessmen.   Like they say – if you spare the rod – you will spoil your child and then what is going to happen to him or her when she grows up and you cannot pick them up and spank them for being naughty or dishonest to you and worst still society.

You see the other day – a kid came in to sell a few things and a few days later – his father came to say that he wasn’t supposed to sell it and kinda threaten us with the cops if we didn’t just hand back $300 worth of things we legally paid for them.  The kid had spent all the money on the internet and instead of going after his kid – he came after us.  JOY!

Anyhow, the boss told him to go right ahead and do whatever he needs to do – because we were willing to sell back the things to him for the exact same amount we had paid for it but nope he wants it back for free – muahahhahaa!!!  he left – not happy with us of course, but a few days later – came back with his son – and apparently he can’t do nothing about it – because his son has a brain of his own.  You can’t control your teenage kid and you want to come run MY business.  WTF right!  yes ! dealing with retarded parents are the worst and we have quite a few of this kind.

Less Money Overall If You Make More Money

We just did our taxes and the more you have to pay in taxes, the less you will get in child benefit and medical insurance *sigh* – so there is really no winning the government is there?  This year we made more money than last year – so we are paying more in taxes and getting less in child benefit starting in May.  And for those who don’t work a single day – they get the maximum of $400 – $500 per child – so those are the people who’ve like 4- 6 children each and never work a day in their life.   And the government is only too happy to foot out the money to these people – no problem at all.  *sigh*.  Wished there were more incentive for the hardworking people and not the lazy people.

Earthquake In Town

Well, not really in town – near town but not that near either.  Apparently it happened last nite at about 11.30pm – but we were still awake and while some customer came in to say that their apartment were shaking we didn’t feel a thing.  Makes me think if the end of the world is coming.  Well, we are not telling our kid because she gets paranoid about everything and anything.

Lets Analyze It

About a month ago, I read on a local facebook ssite that a local bakery was closing its door downtown.  Of course, some fans of the bakery was upset because they didn’t know about it.  So owner of the store wrote on her FB that business was affected back in December when people started spreading rumors that she had closed in December 2011.

So is it true that the rumors affected her business that much that she had to close?  lets analyze it a little shall we?  I think the rumor started when she had to close for a family funeral – which lasted for a week I think and then in December – the bakery didn’t open much either due to some oven problems and then electrical problems and heating problems thereafter. After which, she had renovations signs put up which didn’t say when she was coming back and even though she was moving her studio to elsewhere – there was no notice of it either.

Subsequently, someone spoke with another business owner who was going to move into the building she was currently in – and that kinda settled everybody’s mind that she was closed.  So to blame it on rumors – I can’t say that is all the truth and yes, rumors initially did hurt her – but she should have not closed for so many weeks – can’t really assure the customers if you are eh.  You have to start all over again – if you intend to close this long.  But having said that – that’s only my humble opinion – and not worth listening – she probably had other more reasonable reasons that – everything is just speculations on our part.

Selling The Town To Investors

I want to tell my ex-boss to come invest in Canada – come build hotels here – come see the land we have and the many opportunities they can contribute to the town here – but how do I sell the town to the investors from Asia?  I scratched my head and I thought really  hard about it and I don’t really know how to begin.  Selling the town to investors is unlike trying to sell trail cameras at our store – it’s a lot harder and a lot more investment I’m asking from these investors and developers.   I talked to someone from the town and even he who had been living in this town all his life – don’t know what to tell me.

There is so much potential in this town – if I had the money – lots of it – I would definitely be doing the investing myself – but with the little we have – I have to be careful with our investment.  I cannot afford to lose our hard earn money on something that would fail right?  now if I am thinking this way – would I be confident enough to ask other ppl for their money?  what if they lose their money too?  So how do I sell this town to the people I know who’ve got money?  how do i bring money into Canada? how can I help the town to flourish?

Freedom Of Speech

One thing that I don’t missed of home is the Freedom of Speech.  Recently, some teenagers were in the town hall showing their disgust that the government put some kids out of a home that could have been a safe haven for them – while they try and sort thru’ stuff.  I’m very proud of these kids – at least they dare to speak up – they dare to challenge the government. Had this been back home – they would probably be in lock up and their parents need to bail them out – or they would need to go to court for unlawful assembly.  Back home you can’t say anything bad about the government – so Freedom of Speech is not something I missed at all.

As a migrant – I’m truly amazed at some of the things the people say about the government – but they so deserved it because they are really not doing the best for its people.  The taxes is high – and you can see that the ruling party like back home is playing it the way they liked it.  But I guess all government body is this way eh.  I hope they do something for these kids – some really do need a lot of help.

Taxes For Commercial Building

So we had thought about investing in a commercial building since we did pay closed to $160K thus far for rent – for 12 yrs in business.  So why not invest in a building and own the building right like everyone was discussing the other day.  A chat with one of the council today – made us think again because the taxes for commercial building is twice as much as a residential building and depending on how much you paid for the building – you get tax like 4 -5 % of that price.  Now if you want to buy a building in the hot district area – the taxes are way too high to even try and buy anything there – so that’s useless.  Having said that – it would be a good investment had the town not been going downhill since 6 yrs ago.  We are indeed blessed that we are still doing well – but for how long?  especially if there is no tourists – and no new economic industry coming to town.  So for now – we are just happy to be renting.

Comic Con 2012

Some customers of ours is talking about Hal-Con in Halifax in October 2012 and while some are going to be dressed up in their favorite anime and cartoon  heroes,  their spouses on the other hand wants to get some adult lingerie costumes to attend Hal-Con with them.    Now that would be interesting – but some of these adult lingerie costumes are very well – made and they are suitable for the event – like the one in school girl costume plus I think some wants to get the adult lingerie costumes because they come in plus size and nurses uniforms.  I like the bridal ones – because I can smear some red paint on and I can be some horror story bride.  I think the girlfriends of our customers are really creative and I would loved to see them in costumes before they leave for the city when the time comes.

Economic Development In Town

More than 2 months ago – the town announced that they’ve hired an economic development officer – HALLELUJAH! but as of today I’ve yet seen any recommendation or any work done for the town except for a poll put up on facebook asking the people where the improvement or money should be spent on.   Mann!  if the economic development officer’s job is just to do tht – they should have hired me on – or a dozen more people that are also qualified.

Not that I’m putting him down – but I’ve yet to meet that person – around town – how can one be a development officer when you are just sitting in your office and doing paperwork alone?  Planning and strategic meetings need to be held and in a public position like his – I strongly feel there is a need to talk to the business owners personally and not just with a few people whom he think is important.  I am really hoping against everything negative that this money spent on hiring this officer would bear fruits and that the town would see some returns and results.

Local Computer Store Closing Its Door

So the rumor has it that our competition and local business is closing it door at the end of the month.  It’s really sad because even though they are in the same business – our clienteles are different – so we don’t really see a lot of business lost because they are there.  They have been in business for a long time – 30 yrs and knowing some of their employees – I wonder how they would make out after they lose their job at the end of the month.  Is it the economy for them ? or is it because the owner wants to retire?  a little of both i guess – and plus I’ve heard that they had wanted to sell for a long time now but just no offers I am guessing or no offers good enough.  It’s sad to see another business close its door – but yes, if it is going to get you into debt than it is not worth doing.

Local Tailor Closed Shop

Surprised ! Surprised!  local tailor who had been in business for a long time – closed its door – and I don’t know when – found it out today on the yardsale facebook.  yes, another store closed its door but is it because of the ferry?  or are tailors a dying breed now?  Sad to see another store closed but I don’t blame her for moving her business to her home whereby she doesn’t need to pay rent anymore.