Registry Of Business In Nova Scotia

I was looking up on Registry of Joint Stock Companies on Access Nova Scotia for a friend – when I accidentally found out that we are not up to date with ours!  Darn!!!! I’ve always let the boss handle all these stuff and I’m glad I stumbled onto the info – else we would have been revoked of our business license – now that’s not good at all is it?

And for Access Nova Scotia not to know about it at all – and what about all the taxes that we’ve been paying ?  darn!  does that mean that we don’t have to pay taxes?  what the heck right?  no wonder this part of the Nova Scotia is in debt! and we’ve been so honest and paying our taxes for this long.

Bereavement Leave In Nova Scotia

If we were working for someone and not owning our own business – then we are entitled to as much as 3 days bereavement leave as per the Nova Scotia law.  So if you worked for someone here in Nova Scotia – you can take unpaid leave – remember – this is not a paid leave.  If your spouse, parent, guardian, child or child under your care dies – you are entitled to take this unpaid leave for up to 3 days.

Now  if they are your grandparents, grandchild, sister, brother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister in law or brother in law dies – you can only take 1 day.  Like a death in the family only takes one day to handle?  so no – if you ever worked for us – you can take as much as a week if you need to – having gone thru’ a recent death – i now know how hard it is – and how much time one needs to take care of things for the deceased.

Still No Ferry For 2012

So the boss of a group that was delegated to hunt down a vessel  – feasible for this town came back to say today that it’s not happening anytime soon.  Wow!  but how can you blame them right?  with no money to secure a ferry for this town – who would want to invest here since even the government thinks that it’s a lost cause.  So does it mean that we won’t have a gateway anymore?  Time to take down the sign to Welcome and Bon Voyage?

Is the people suffering because of the decision of our present government?  I say yes – and we couldn’t even afford spare change to buy extra insurance for a sickness plan because we don’t how we would fair the next day.  Everyone had been ranting for 2 years now and has anyone done anything  except to plan and make more plans to plan? This is a very nice town – and so much potential – unfortunately, there is nothing to motivate the people here.

We Are Not With BBB

People asked us all the time – why we are not with BBB and get our business recognized there.  While we do like BBB and its practice – we don’t feel that the representative did a good job in our area.   Well, firstly – we were with BBB for a long time but decided to quite because the BBB rep here – was not being very professional when he decided to meddle in our office matter.  It is not good when a BBB rep – tells your employee what a bad boss we are – and encouraging him to do stuff for him at his home for a cheaper price.  So after finding that all out – we decided to quit BBB.  So if you asked me to join BBB again – I wouldn’t.

Canada’s Federal Debt

Canada’s federal debt is expected to hit $585.4-billion, yes! that was what I read a minute ago while I know that back home we have a reserve of like $13 billion if I am not wrong. 1 billion is already a lot of money – to owe $585 billion – now that can only mean one thing – that the country is going down.

The Debate Of This Town

For the last one year – the entire town has been in debate  – some more actively than  others and some care more than others – some couldn’t care less but some pretend to care for their own gain.  *shrug* but I can’t really blame them can I?  Most people would say – to each his own – we take care of our own first.  Is that your assumption too?  Is that your stand too?

I think the boss must think I’m mad sometimes – for being so passionate about what’s going on in this town – after all – truthfully I’m really not from here.  So why you asked am I sometimes so pissed off?  especially when we are doing a lot better than when we had the ferry and tourists.   Some may think that I’m crazy and spending too much time in trying to make things better but I’m thinking not for myself only but for the rest of the people in town and the kids and the future of this town.  What has this town gotta offer the younger generation?

Christmas is tomorrow – and as I reflect on the many hours I spend reading up the forum and FB pages – I think next year – I’m going to give it a rest and concentrate on what matters most first.  My kid and the store – and the rest is going to have to wait till I’m free.  So for now – debate or not – the above cartoon tells you how I feel about the situation in this town but not at our business or life.  We are doing pretty well – despite everything.  I think the town had ignore the signs for far too long – so this is where we ended up.


Funding For Hotel From Government

The government or rather the provincial government here never fails to amaze me – while I know that the local hotel here needs money – so do all of us here – the small businesses.  If the government is giving $1 million to the hotel – surely they can spare some change to the small business owners – like the golf store that is closing down and a few others as well.  We are all struggling to stay afloat – so why is the hotel the only one getting any money?  I guess since the hotels have other hotels in the province – the government need to keep their own boys happy right?  don’t worry about the small flies around – they can die and rot for all the government care.

Gynecologist Center In Town

You would think that with birth rate so high in this town – someone would try to bring a  Gynecologist Center into this town.  But nope we haven’t seen anything like that in this town – and we certainly could use one – for I remembered when I had my kid – there was no gynecologist in town except for one.  I was indeed worried and I wished that each time I had to see a doctor – they would have at least the  fetal doppler to check on my baby  even though they didn’t have the ultrasound machine in the pre-natal clinic.  It was really a time when I was so frantic about the health of my baby especially when I came from a country who is so advanced medically.  Back home 3D ultra-sounds were already introduced.

While it was just announced that the provincial government is giving a million dollars to the hotel for upgrades and keeping jobs because of the lost of the ferry.  I think if they would spend it on giving us a well equipped gynecologist center – for the woman/girls here – it would definitely be a plus.  Keeping the jobs is important – but the health of these women having babies and having women problems need to be address too.  I vote for a new Gynecologist center anytime – or an upgrade in equipments like a 3D ultra sound machine and many fetal doppler for the pre-natal clinic.  This Christmas – my wish for this town is a better gynecologist center for this town.

New Opportunities & New Business

While we won’t have the ferry back next year in town – another store has opened in town and their US office had just called today to ask if we would like to do some work for them.  Now that’s really good news because we had wanted to do something like that with the other existing company in town – but they had been such slackers and never took our offer.

I’m just glad that we had the foresight to do anything that will make money in this town – had we stuck ourselves to do only one thing – we wouldn’t have survived for 12 years.   I’m happy that we are beginning to see a lot of new customers coming in and realizing that we do so many things.   But like usual – people still feel that we should be able to match the big chain store and even when we explained to them – they still go to the big chain stores for certain stuff.  But I cannot complain much – despite all the things that is happening in this town – we are still holding up pretty well.

Dressing Up The Store For Halloween

We started dressing up the store for Halloween – even though we haven’t dressed up the store during Halloween last year.  But I guess this year is different – because things at the store and our personal life is just going so well and smooth.  So we have taken time to go shop for some Halloween decor for the store.  Say hello to my new sitting partner at the store – there he sits quietly as I type away and yak with the customers.  I haven’t given it a name yet – you have any ideas?

Halifax Mac Store

We were up in Halifax a few weeks ago  – and had gone looking for breakfast nearby the hotel.  Who wants to pay $25 for breakfast right?  And look what we found!  the Halifax Mac store!  I’ve known about it for a long time now – but never got a chance to visit and it was within walking distance of the hotel we stayed in – how nice right?  So you asked did we visit the store?  Nope !  no time still – I’m just curious to see the setup – since all the Mac store around the whole is so huge and you know – everything so Mac like.  I’ve been to the one in New York, Japan as well as the one in Madrid – so you can understand why I wanna see what it is like in this Mac store right.  Maybe next time.

Hurricane Irene Came & Went

Well, we thought we were getting Hurricane Irene for a visit – but it was downgraded to a tropical storm – what a disappointment – for we canceled our trip to the city because of her.  Oh well – at least nothing got torn nor did we lose any power – so I’m happy despite the fact that we didn’t get to go anywhere. I wasn’t going to risk it at all.

Better Location, Better Business

No – we are nowhere near Gilligan’s island – but we could use a better location – but better location doesn’t necessary means better business – because you never know.  We saw a location open up on Starrs Road and had been thinking about it.  Sure we had to move – sure we hate to loose that foot traffic – but Starrs Road is the happening area – especially during the holidays – be it Christmas or public holidays – I think moving to Starrs Road with the right price – is where we are heading.  The boss had been asking for more space and a lot of times of late – so lets hope we can get a better location and increase its business.


It’s that time of the year – where we have to renew our membership for CFIB – but this year – we have to stop temporary our membership – for we are trying to be frugal and save wherever we can.  I feel bad that we have to do this – but without the ferry and without the tourist – the money in this town is trickling and the boss and I feel that we should save wherever we can and not wait till the worst happens.  Hopefully, when the town takes a turn to be better – maybe then we can join again and support the CFIB.

Ferry Issue Is A Joke

The ferry issue came up again recently – where the people placed in charged said that it was complex and challenging.  First they paid someone in this town – to sit on the board for 2 years to work out the details – and nothing happened.  I don’t know if the new team is paid for what they are doing – but still nothing seen.  2 years without the ferry – every small business hoping against hope that something can be done – but nope.  While the government is spending all sorts of money in Digby – we are getting nothing – besides some miserable funding.   As far as I can see it – we are not getting one for a long time yet.

Farmer’s Market Downtown

So it’s like the 3rd week that the Farmer’s Market moved downtown and from what I saw today – I would say it’s a big success.  You see it was raining since morning and the downtown Farmer’s was still sold out of a few things by the time we were there.  So the person who said he won’t go downtown had to eat his own words – because guess what – he was campaigning for people to sign on his petition and the town councils said nope – we want it downtown and there it is downtown and more vibrant than I’ve ever seen.  But the Farmer’s Market in downtown – is very good looking right now – with showcases and all for their food – you’ve gotta love it.  If you haven’t been downtown to the Farmer’s Market – what are you waiting for?

Mystery Shopper From Microsoft

A few years ago – we’ve heard about a mystery shopper in town from Microsoft and that was how the other computer stores got shut down because they were selling pirated software and that Microsoft had sued them for like half a million bucks.  Little did we know that we too were paid a visit by this mystery shopper from Microsoft till we received this letter today.  Woohoo!!!  Microsoft just certified that we DO sell only legitimate copies of Microsoft software – and you see it certainly pays to be honest and truthful  – we’ve never sold anything illegal and I’m so glad we don’t !

Who Will You Vote For? Federal Election

So it’s the Federal election tomorrow – and we were having lunch with some friends who asked us who we are going to vote for?  First of – you have to be a Canadian citizen to vote for the Federal elections and yes – it is important to vote for someone – but what will the outcome be?  Well, it’s politics and truth be told – everyone is for themselves.  So are we going to waste time and vote?   Oh by the way – it’s not a public holiday like it is back home – where it is declared as a public holiday and it’s compulsory to go vote.

ER Situation In The Town

A few weeks ago – the town councils and the local hospitals administration called an emergency meeting with regards to the long wait time in ER.  Although the hospital defended itself by saying that there isn’t enough ER doctors – it can still be painful to sit for 6 – 8 hrs just to see a doctor – especially it’s because there is just not enough family doctors for this town.   While other businesses may be going bankrupt –  healthcare jobs are a plenty in this town – doctors just don’t want to come to this town for various reasons.    So if you have a doctor or a registered nurse who wants to come work in Canada – please tell them that healthcare/hospital/nursing jobs are a plenty here.

There wasn’t any solution from what I’ve seen – the doctors in the hospital were defending themselves furiously and the councils weren’t able to give them a solution.  So the meeting as far as I am concern was a waste of everyone’s time.   In my humble opinion – i think before the councils were to point fingers – they should offer some kinda help and incentive for health care provider to come and stay in this small town.  And as of the doctors, they weren’t any better too – surely they can all spare a few hours a day of their life doing volunteering work for their own hospital – but I guess everyone for their own here.

Doing Taxes

I never have to do my own taxes ! thank God!  the boss does it for me – but that doesn’t mean that I’m not worried about it – because he procrastinate till the last minute.  At times I wished I could do mine and the store’s but when it comes to money matters – it seems that he has a better head than I do.  So I leave it to him everyday – yes! i’m terrible this way.  For those in business I think you have till the end of the month to do it.  Before when we did have employees – I liked to give it to them by the end of January.  Yes!  i’m super efficient – now that we don’t have an employee – i became pretty relaxxxx!!