I Forgive You ……

When you own a small business in a small town like we do for this many years, you tend to see a lot of kind of people and there are those who are so ignorant that they don’t even know that their actions were wrong.  Is it a character flaw or did he get knock on the head when he was young?

But now instead of getting angry with those who stole from us or who’ve ripped us and then turned around and call us names every time, they see us, I’m going to turn around and tell them – I forgive you because you were born an idiot.  I’m saying this not because I’m being vindictive but because there is no other way to explain why people would behave this way.

Hurricane Arthur


Hurricane Arthur hit us harder than we had expected.  For those who’ve lost power, I hope that power will come back soon for you.  And for all our customers and friends out there, I hope Arthur didn’t damage too much of your property.

We lost half the shingles on our roof at the cottage and on home front, just a few shingles, nothing that we are too worried about.  But we did lose power for 36 hours at home and the cottage was longer.

I guess, Hurricane usually misses us but this time, when we think that we are not going to have it as hard as any other places, it hit us like there was no tomorrow.  Alot of damages around town as you can see here.  My heart goes out to a lot of the people in the town.  Stay safe folks.

A Banner On Main Street


I have lived in this town for 14 years and this is the first time, I’ve seen banners on Main Street.  Must be because they fired the town planner who was rumored to be quite anal about signs and anything to do with signs.  Mannnn! it’s about time , this town do something about how downtown look because this town has so much potential.  Such a waste, not to have a bigger vision.  But having seen the banner on Main St, I can now say I have hope.

Senior Housing


Senior Housing is quite popular in our little town because they not only include all the necessities for the senior folks like heat and water , they also include a in house Continuing Care Assistant that helps with the seniors.   I don’t know if they are using a  assisted living software system  to assist them with taking care of so many seniors but they definitely do a really good job and these senior housing are highly sorted.

I heard that there is an investment group coming to town and buying land just to build senior housing and I’m hearing good things about this group.  I’m pretty sure that they will be using some kind of software system to run the place even better than what we already have here.

Really Kid ! I Can See You !


So I was alone in the store today and 2 kids came in to browse and as usual, when I’m alone in the store, I do have the security camera on my screen.  So one kid got a hold of a candy box and looked around for security cameras and he was looking really hard and wondering if our security cameras are working.  So I shouted out from behind and told the kid – I can see him to prevent him from even thinking of taking the box of candy.

Mannnn!  I don’t know what the hell these kids are thinking – and at the back of my mind, I just hope that I will bring up my kid better than those who are even thinking of stealing from us.  Just too sad – for these kids.  And nope, I never thought of stealing from a store when I was a kid, even though we didn’t have much when I was little.

The Audacity Of Some People !


Yes!  this person is a thief and stole from us a few years ago and you would think that he would be ashamed of himself !! but nope!!  he isn’t at all, in fact, when he sees us, he would utter some obscenity while he is walking pass us even if there were kids around!   yes ! the audacity of some people, where I come from, we say that people like that got no father and mother to teach them.  And rightly so, else how would you explained the way they behave and treat other people.

Awesome Month At Store

It has been an amazing month at the store, we had been so busy not only with the store but with getting in new inventories.  The boss had been busy with the repairing of computers and laptops as well as attending to the customer.  We didn’t have much free time last month at all, so our plans to go to the city for a few days had to be shelved.

The boat is back with much excitement to the people in town, we’ve seen quite a few tourists but not from the States but from across Canada, like Vancouver and a family from Nunuvat !  The sun is also warming up now, and we’ve opened the door and left the screen door shut now.

As for the store hours, they remain the same and we continue to see that it has made little impact on us that we are closed on Sundays.  So we are good overall, I cannot say I miss the help we have at the store as the boss and I are able to handle everything on our own.  With the extra money that we are not spending now, I’m able to buy myself more designer bags muahahah!

Summer Ready For The Store


Loving all the beautiful flowers that we saw at Canadian Tire and was tempted to buy it for the store to decorate it.  But I reminded myself that one cannot have too much flowers in a store like ours.  Ours ain’t a girly girl store – it’s more a geeky kinda store , so I stopped myself.


But downtown would be so beautiful if the town would invest in these flowers to beautify downtown.  I bet the tourist would love it too.

Adopt A Book


Adopt a book at the library is underway and I’m glad to read that the response is very good.  We did receive an invite to donate because we had donated in honor of the boss’s grandmother.  We should by right donate again to remember the boss’s mother who had passed away suddenly 2 years ago, but this year we decided to donate anonymously.  Why?  better this way we feel so that people wouldn’t think that we make loads of money – muahahah!

Dog Poop Situation


Now wouldn’t it be awesome if dogs can scoop their own poop up like the above picture? hhaha!  who am I kidding right?  dogs just poop about everywhere.  Just the other day, I saw someone’s dog poop on Main Street and she was on the phone all that time waiting for someone to come get her a bag to pick it up.

And I unknowingly almost stepped on the dog poop and she didn’t even bother to warn me – WTH!  and when she did pick up the poop, she didn’t do a good job and she looked as if she was scared and disgusted with her OWN dog’s poop.  WTH !!  If you are taking your dog out for a poop walk, you know he is gonna poop and if he is a big dog, he will have big poops, so if you don’t want to touch the poop, get something to scoop it up properly !

I’m certainly not impressed with dog owners like that girl at all!  So coming back with the poop situation on Main Street, nope it is still happening and not getting any better.  Dog owners still let their dog poop on Main Street and don’t clean them up.  Some pick up the poop but leave traces of poop around, so that innocent people walking on the street, would step on their dog’s poop.

The town really needs to take a firmer stand on dog owners and insist that they clean up and clean up properly.  Tourists are going to be coming to this town and you don’t want them to be stepping on poop because I would be darn upset !

New Inventory Often


The boss is constantly buying and stocking up on new inventory.  He never stops buying!  but power to him if he has got the cash for it and don’t owe any suppliers any money.  And yes, we do need more space but I’m not gonna move unless I can buy a building that we can call our own.    And like he said, if you don’t have new inventory then you can keep the customers happy.  So if you are looking for anything game related or computer related, you know where to find it.

Wedding Season In Spring

 Yes, we have been invited for a few already and one of the perks as an owner by association to the spouse’s business is knowing just about everyone in town.  And yes, we get invited to weddings !  yay!  did i tell you how much i loved weddings!!!  I go to all weddings if i could, I just love the atmosphere, the bride, the bridesmaids and the ceremony and of course the food! most importantly, the memories and the videos and photographs.

And since you only get married once in a lifetime, you probably want to get the best photographers like the  photographers in nc  .  If you see their work, you will know how good they are.  And if you asked me for advise on what’s the most important thing in a wedding is a good and professional photographer!  don’t be stingy on it now,  you pay for what you get like my mother used to say.

Full Circle

The boss just told me this evening that we already surpassed what we made last April.  Woohoo!  right?  well , kinda but it also means that we will have to pay more taxes next year if we continue the way it is.  Personal taxes are really high in Canada if you don’t know by now.  This year alone we are paying close to $20K in taxes but having said that it’s because we don’t have any employees and we don’t have any expenses.  We pay for our own coffee and any kind of stationary that we need at the store.  We are very el – cheapo, just no frills at our store, no promotional pens or fancy looking paper or plastic bags. We keep everything at lowest cost as possible.  Therefore, we are able to charge reasonable prices for everything we do in the store or sell in the store.

This August marks our 15 yrs in business and I’ve been here for 14 and the store had gone thru’ so many changes but one thing for sure is that we are quite established and can use a bigger store but I’m very reluctant to move.  Why? because I loved this place, this store has been so good to us, the feng shui is good and we are doing better each year.  I loved that the customers know where we are and are comfortable with the parking here.  I also loved that it’s so close to eateries around town.

The store is small but it only means that it’s great for just one person looking after the store, any bigger, you will need more than one person to look after if the store is busy.  There are not many blind spots in this store because it’s so small, if we do move to a bigger store, it would mean that we won’t be able to overlook the entire store – means more theft.

Plus, we really don’t want to hire anyone, because of all the money we put out and none seems to be happy for a long time.  At first, they are grateful for a job but after a few months, for whatever reason/s, they don’t want to work hard anymore.  So if we keep the store small, we can handle stuff on our own, we don’t have to waste money and if we need to go for a vacation, we just close the store for a week or two.  I think we’ve come to a full circle as of now, we’ve hired friends, we’ve hired young ppl , old ppl, middle age ppl but non seems to work out, so now we are just contented having it the way it is.  When ppl say they can’t find a job in town, that’s bullshit, they just want to be paid the highest wages for doing nothing and the least hours.  So nope, that mentally needs to be stopped, else no matter where you go, you are not going anywhere.

Skeptical About Ferry

Not that we get a lot of tourists in our kind of store but a lot of people in this town has been quite skeptical about the Ferry starting in time.  Another 50 something days from what I’ve heard and so many red tapes still not cleared.  A few days ago, I read that the Ferry needed some kinda American commission approval.

One main issue that still needs to be worked out is the required approval for the service by the United States’ Federal Maritime Commission. The commission would not allow Nova Star Cruises to advertise fares or start taking reservations until it had a financial bond in place that could compensate ferry travellers in the event of cancelled tickets. The province of Nova Scotia assisted the ferry company by freeing up $2 million – of the up to $21 million the province has committed towards the ferry service – so it can be held in a reserve if needed.

So while a lot of ppl here are pretty skeptical from what I’ve read on facebook, of course, I’m still hoping for the Ferry to come.  But having the ferry come in at 8am in the morning would mean that there is no layover – so how will the town benefit ?  I’ve yet to see.

Employees Handling Of Town

Last year, the town terminated the services of its airport manager without giving a solid reason to the people of the town.  So everyone speculated wildly and widely about what was going on.

A week ago, the town terminated the town planner after he had been in this job for more than 20 years.  Shocking ??  very !  don’t get me wrong, i have nothing to do with the town planner, in fact we have little to do with him.  But yes, the termination was so quick and fast and again without a lot of explanation, it has left this small town with a lot of speculation once again.

Is the new Mayor doing a good job?  is the new elected town councils doing a good job?  we are not into the town’s politics but you and I know that the town planner’s job should not be taken lightly and as long as he isn’t cheating the town’s money, I really cannot see how one can terminate the services of someone who have had been having this job for 20 years.

Again, I’m saying this because we don’t know the whole story and we might not know either in the future, but darn, I don’t wanna work for the town or have my kids work for the town in the future too if things were handled this way.

Going To The City

Yes, despite the fact that we don’t have someone to help open the store while we go to the city, we are still going.  Nothing is impossible in our vocabulary and customers will and can understand why we need time off without an employee.  They will just have to miss us for a day or two and they will survive I am very sure.

So to all those people out there who are thinking of quitting and giving your boss a hard time, let me tell you no one is indispensable and if you think that you are doing your boss a favor by working, you are so wrong.

Why Are People So Stinky?

Is it me or is it the people coming into the store that stinks?  oh my God! i kid you not, some people are so stinky, I can smell them even before they get to the counter from where I’m sitting.  And if you know the layout of our store, you would know that I sit very far from the counter, yet I can smell their smelly smell.  I’m not offended but other customers are and they turn around and walk outta the store which makes us look bad and make us lose our business.  But how do you tell smelly people not to be so smelly or get a shower sometimes? pray tell without offending anyone?


Yes! we are backlogged having 7 to 8 computers/laptops coming in everyday.  So instead of 24hrs service, we have to say 2 days now.  But the boss is trying his best to finish repairing all the computers/laptops asap.  But I guess we are quite famous these days with computer repairs just by word of mouth.

This August will be our 15 years in business, no easy feat I assure you.  We have seen good customers, bad ones, good employees and bad ones and ignorant people and customers who turn into friends.  It was quite a journey I have to say.

Lunch Time @ The Store

So a customer told me that the boss should hire someone during lunch time, so that we can have lunch properly without interruption.  In which I replied that in our kind of small business, it is US or US – there isn’t anyone that can come in for an hour just to relieve us for lunch.    hahahha!!  and really I don’t mind having my lunch interrupted to be honest, better than paying someone 3 hrs for coming in and he talks and talks and talks non – stop while you try and have some peace and quiet.  So nope !  love to hire someone but not worth the hassle as of now.  So lunch as the store is usually take outs at the Zhu’s and I’m happy with it and if I needed to go out and have lunch with my g/fs, the boss will cover for me.

Bad Draft

So the boss finally put up a curtain between the bathroom area and where I am sitting because there is a bad draft coming from there for the longest time.  Even though we had mentioned it several times to the landlord, nothing had been done about it.  I have a heater on below my desk as long as I am in the store but still I’m always cold.  With the curtain, it does help a bit but the draft can be seen and felt better now.  Now I’m just waiting for the landlord to come into the store and I hope that the boss will take the initiative to show him how drafty it is sitting where I am.  And perhaps if we are lucky, he will fix it, one can always hope right?