Window Blinds

Buying window curtains have been a real task for us .. because we can never find the right size for it. Either it is too long .. or too short. So we gave up.. and decided on getting window blinds instead.

With custom made window blinds and vertical blinds .. you can get whatever length or width you want and I can have my window blind to suit every individual room that I have. I have so many options and the range of quality discounted window blinds are excellent and easy to clean for many years to come.

Mint Credit Cards

Looking to apply for a credit card for yourself ..?? Credit cards are great to have if you use them wisely and not get yourself into debt, and every credit card offers you different things. I never used to like credit cards nor know its options till much later. The 0% interest credit card was definitely what i needed.

On promotion now, the MINT credit card is offering 0% on balance transfer, 0% on purchases, and 0% bonus offer on balance transfer (limited time offer). The MINT credit card is accepted worldwide and has online fraud protection. Check out the benefits from MINT.

A Healthier Lifestyle

I’ve always had a weight problem since I was a teenager… and I know I am not alone..! Coming to Canada has made me realized that there are alot of people who are obese and there is help for people like me and them.

Did you know that a weight problem is part of the cause for a diabetic..?? I know so because I am and the lap-band adjustable gastric band has been proven safe and an effective weight loss surgery for many years now. I want to improve my health, reduce my risk of developing more life threatening medical condition and to get my life back and stop feeling lethagic. It is currently the least invasive surgical weight loss solution and JourneyLite has the most comprehensive support programs that comes with LapBand surgery.

Feel confident and in control of your life. If you have a weight problem, do consider Lap Band, a safe and sure way of losing those excess weight.. for a healthier you.

Flower Shop

Sending flowers is an international kind gesture everywhere. Tell me which woman doesn’t love receiving them…?? Even if it is not a special occasion.. you can still send flowers to your loved ones.. to tell them you are thinking of them.. or you miss them.

At the flower shop they have a wide variety of flowers and gifts for any and every occasion. They are your local New York Florist but they do delivery in Queens, Brooklyn, Bron, Staten Island & Long Island. They have a network of florist to make sending flowers easy anywhere in North Amercia, Canada and worldwide.

Committed to give you their best service and finest floral arrangement and gifts, you can rely on them for sending out your goodwishes and goodwill to your friends, family and business associates.

Online University

Looking to upgrade oneself is a definite must for everyone. My grandmother used to say, once you stop wanting to learn more.. and upgrade.. that is where you get redundant. But how does one go about upgrading oneself..?? Being a busy mom and a owner by association to my spouse’s business, I wouldn’t be able to attend your regular open university, so an online university would be what i would be looking into.

An online university that was developed for more than 14 yrs, must be doing something right. Afteall, us being in business for 8 yrs this August, is a great achievement by my standards. This university offers all degree programs completely online, thus giving the student the flexi hours to fit their education around their work and family commitment, just the way i like it. With an open enrollment and a self paced program, one need not change their schedule to fit the program just to attend a class or take a test.

A 24 hours access to your course assignment, online forums to help you and web lectures, interactive software and audio and visual examples, are all thought out carefully for the students at Columbia Southern University, to help the students succeed in their learning experience.

You want a rewarding future, you want to upgrade, now is the time.

Whirpool Ovens

I never had a chance to use ovens till i came to Canada. My mom was an old-fashioned cook.. and didn’t baked in a real oven. She uses a small compact oven for all her baking. Well .. not that she bakes alot then.. except for her pineapple tarts during Chinese New Year.

I bought our first oven when we bought our own home about 4 yrs ago, and of course being quite blur .. we didn’t know what to choose, meaning the brand. But Whirlpool Ovens have had been well known for ages now.. as far as i can remember. But now.. i don’t even have to leave the comforts of my home to compare prices and to search from store to store, to find electric appliances like my mom used to do many years ago. Be a wise shopper..! I wouldn’t do it any other way.

Baby Shop

Any young or first time parent, is going to be just like i was .. when i first got pregnant and had my daughter. Everytime, I feel a need to get advice.. the answers from my extended family and friends.. were.. “I’m not too sure .. ! it’s been so long now..!” or “I can’t remember..!” Yes.. and it’s the truth.. and a real experience.

With inexperience comes.. alot of panic. What i really needed at that time was.. radical parenting advice by parents for parents. Hence, the baby shop is truly heaven sent..! On their website, you will find information and books written by parents for parents. Real life experience.. and no bluffing your way through. You will also find what other city has to offer and any baby products that you might need for your child.

And you can even submit your personal experiences, so that other like-minded mummies can learn and discuss about it.

Orlanda Villa

If you are planning for a holiday in Florida, you will find that Orlando Villa, a vacation home very near to Disney area, may be the accommodation you are looking for. If you are not fully aware of how cheap it is to rent a villa for your entire family or golf buddies, about $10 per person per night if you rent the unit directly. Now tell me that’s not the kind of deal you are looking for..? How can you go wrong with a deal like this..?

Don’t you just love that you can get to choose the property as per your specification. Do not limit your choices to what your travel agent can offer you, because more than likely they take care of your air tickets first and then accommodation second. By booking directly, you can now have the choice and the amenities you so desire, for example if you are vacationing with your golf buddies, you can look for a villa with heated spa, so that after a day of golf, you can relax and refresh in the heated spa.

Thinkflorida not only provide villas, private pool homes and town houses for rental, they also do your car rental and ticket services as well. Why pay more with less comfort ..?? when you can pay less with more comfort..?? Afterall, it’s vacation time..! you want nothing stressful whatsoever… right..??


Wedding Cameras

I love weddings..! And these days.. it is not unusual to see wedding planners and the wedding couple putting wedding cameras onto reception tables.. for their guests and family to participate actively in their wedding. Taking candid shots can be very entertaining and interesting, plus with it .. brings many memories for the future, it is no wonder why it has become so popular during the last few years.

And of course, you cannot miss giving out wedding favors to your guests/friends/families to remember the happiest day of your life.. and thanking them for being a part of your most important day. Unique wedding favors, like a sandalwood fan for a summer wedding starts as low as $1.49 each, to keep your wedding guests cool and smelling of sandalwood.

Of course, there are more selection for each and individual person in your wedding, and prices are so affordable here, you won’t have to stress about the cost of buying something for everyone. Shopping for your wedding..?? Trying!

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Holiday Gift Baskets

We all love holidays and of course with holidays comes family and friends to think of. We chinese show our concern, our love .. and our sincerity to these folks by remembering them with gifts. Unfortunately, we are not that lucky to be with our loved ones.. during these occasion everytime, so my alternative would be to send holiday gift baskets.

For all my gifts, I want them to be special and carefully thought out. Therefore I choose to use Gourmet Gift Baskets for their unique hand made baskets with quality gourmet food for every occasion and any occasion. They have a wide selection of baskets for you to choose from and all their baskets are reasonably package. They guarantee you quality gift baskets with 100% satisfaction.

Trusted for their superior service and delivery time, they pay close attention to every little detail. Established and taking care of customers like you and I since 1940, Gourmet Gift Baskets will make your friends, family and even business associates/clients smile, when they receive a gift from you.