Talk Of Town

A prominent lawyer of this town .. who happened to be the town councilor of this town had a search warrant for his office by the local cops sometime last year after his daughter who worked for him was arrested for possession of drugs with intend of trafficking.

The daughter of this lawyer/town councilor is a 44 yrs old woman.. so by no means was she young and naive and was mislead by some friends. This town needs to acknowledge the real problem. I don’t know of any addiction treatment program or places where people can go to in this town for help.  I really think it is high time, the town help positively and not think of themselves all the time.

We Own A Store

Yes.. we most certainly do, and we do buy stuff .. but not gold. And I still don’t understand why people would come and try and sell us their gold chain, gold bracelet and gold earrings. Don’t get me wrong, we know the value of gold, but the gold that we get here in Canada are like only 10K, not worth investing in at all.

For real investment and securing your investment, one only invest in gold bullion and you all know that Monex has them in 3 convenient forms for you to choose from. My grandfather who was a very old-fashioned and careful investor insist that gold bars are tangible assets and never decreases in its value and during political instability during the WWII, having invested in gold saved the whole family from starvation. Of course, in this peaceful time, investing in gold need not be as dramatic but it is still a very unique and private way to preserve one’s wealth.

All About Your Babies/Kids

I swear.. I love my mother-in-law..! she even came over to stay with me.. when I just gave birth to my lil’ brat. It was wonderful and re-assuring for me.. to have someone who have raised to fine young men .. and one is my spouse. How could one go wrong right..?? having a mother-in-law take care of baby and woman who just had a c-section.

Well.. reflecting on it.. it really did calmed me alot .. having my mother-in-law volunteered to come stay with us. I was really fortunate .. and I know so.. but when it comes to why the lil’ brat kept crying non-stopped even after feeding her half an hour ago, my mother-in-law just couldn’t fathomed it. There were some stuff.. that my mother-in-law just didn’t go through herself.. when she had her two boys.

Lilaguide is all about practical advice for parents from parents. First time mummies like me would find other like-minded parents and parents who had gone through what you are experiencing and give you advice they themselves had used before. Irregardless, what information or resources that you are looking for, such as finding the nearest baby store or like me wondering if my kid was having chicken pox or hives, join lilaguide and get connected immediately.

Investing In Properties

Renting a house or an apartment is popular here in the West. But I tell everyone that with renting, you are only helping and supporting your landlord pay for the house. With a few hundred dollars more, you can be investing on something that you can call your own in the future. Arizona real estate can help folks who are buying their home for the first time, with the right advice and the right house to fit your budget. They are folks who understands that a home is more than a house and whether you are selling or buying, they are able to assist you and go beyond.

Toys For Everyone

Who doesn’t love toys? the small boys does.. the big ones too. This year’s Christmas will see me buying more of it.. since we are doing our Christmas shopping way earlier than before. Action figures is what I will be getting for a customer/friend’s son.. even though they had written to say that they won’t be doing gifts exchange this year. But we just don’t have the heart not to give, even though most of our gifts are bought in a rush because we have no time to leisure shop. And moreso we should buy something special for them because they are going thru’ some health issues at home.

Tracking Your Car

As much as we want to tell our teenage son or daughter that we trust them and allow them to use our car/s as and when they want, tell me which parents are actually not worried when you see them drive away from your driveway? I really don’t think this is a trust issue nor are parents paranoid. When I was a teenager, I didn’t understand why my parents were so annoying… and wanting to know every move I made.. but of course now that i’m on the other side, I know perfectly well why my mum used to nag non-stop about everything.

GPS tracking in your car, may be just the thing to save your relationship with your teenage sons or daughters. With this wonderful device, you don’t need to interrogate them anymore, you don’t need to try and pry the answers out of them of their whereabout anymore. Thus, no confrontation, yet you know and can reach them when you want to. Absolutely no monthly fees, this device is so affordable and easy to install, you can have your peace of mind and your teenagers at home gets to feel self confidence about themselves, yet knowing you are on top of things every time.

Saving Herbs For Winter

You all know that winter is really long for us here in Canada right..?? well .. i just learn a very interesting tip today.. and i thought I would share it with everyone.

To preserve summer herbs forwinter soups and stew, one can make herb cubes in the freezer. Chop up your herbs and place them in ice cube trays, then you cover them with water and freeze it. To preserve the color and flavor, you can use boiling water to fill the tray for by doing this it blanches the herbs. Herbs like cilantro keeps better when frozen in oil.