Health Insurance For Workers

Workers compensation here in the West only covers so much for the worker and we’ve been looking for health insurance for our workers and ourselves lately because the store is doing better this year than we did for the last couple of years.  So it’s time to look out for ourselves as well and like they say – the workers is our greatest asset and if you don’t take care of your assets than you are not going to be making a lot of money.  Blue Cross can get very costly but I know that they do cover you for dental and the  best hearing aid  if you need it and we all know that when you get older you do need them. We do have a ear, mouth and nose specialist in town and he told us recently that hearing aids are much more needed by workers than we think.  But we are going to check out other insurance agencies to see if we can get a better rate to cover our health and others.

Car Trouble At Work

I was having some trouble with our car door for the longest time and a customer who had seen me come out of  the car with so much difficult came to help me one day when I got to work.  It was the  rivet nut  that needed replacing and truth be told I wouldn’t know what to do but most men are very handy and this one being a mechanic, well, he knew what was wrong with the door immediately.  It didn’t take him too long to fix it and now my car door is all good.  I’m grateful for all these good customers and I can named a few who have been helping us throughout the years we’ve been in business, so as much as I don’t like retail business, I have to say that these helpful and good customer does make my day.

Before We Put Away Our Sandals

Before we put away our spenco sandals  we are going to head out to the beach one last time before the weather turns too cold for the beach.  So we hope to head out to the city this weekend and visit Peggy’s Cove and head out to the waterfront  or  the beach if the weather permits if not, we will have to  swim in the hotel’s pool.  I don’t know if we are going to have time to head out to the city again anytime soon but I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we go again because of my Chinese/Japanese  food and the swimming pool in the hotels that we stay in.  I’m so looking forward to this weekend and if you are wondering why we didn’t go during the long weekend, it’s because nothing is open during the holidays here.

New Business In Town

A financial institute is supposed to be coming next door to us where the gift store used to be but for months now since last year November, they had been renovating the inside of the store.  The other day, our parking space was taken again and work was being done according to the boss at the empty store, so I had wanted to go during lunch time to ask them to move their van and saw some  church chair  inside the empty store front – I am guessing that they will be moving in really soon.   I’m extremely curious to know who they are because the old gift store neighbor had always been good with us.  Unfortunately, the physio-therapy office on the other side never even bother to say hello – so sad.  But yes, some office chairs that looks like chairs that my church uses were all wrapped up still and sitting and waiting to be unwrapped.  Can’t wait to see who our new neighbor is.

Yoga During Lunch Time

Yoga during lunch time is definitely not a bad idea at all.  I go here for yoga ball  planning to do my own yoga at the store but I found out that there is a local studio that is doing yoga session during lunch and I decided to enroll in it. So what I do now during lunch time is go for my yoga and come back and have a very light lunch like a sandwich or a salad.  Healthy living got to begin somewhere right?  I’m just hoping I continue to be motivated, maybe I should make my girl pals go with me – that would be much better you think?

Best Customer/Renter Award

We are thinking of having a contest going for this Christmas at the store.  We want to award somebody with the Best Customer/Renter award with not only a trophy  but also with free rentals for an entire year.   We used to do this before but stopped after Movie Gallery came along and took all our regular customers away but since Movie Gallery had been gone for almost 2 years and business and the rental side is picking up every month, I think it is once again time to remind and reward the best customer/rental – to boost and to inform customers that being loyal to us has its advantage. The last time we had this competition, it was pretty well received but this time, we are going to give them a trophy as a momento.


Road Work

Road work at the side street made us late for work today, we had to do a detour to get to the store.  They had part of the road blocked off – and we couldn’t get into the car park and had to wait for them to direct the traffic, so today can be quite a slow day.  I recognized some  parker industrial rubber hose  going into the drains but don’t really know what they are working on.  Hopefully, it’s only for today and it doesn’t prolong because I don’t want our customers to turn around and leave, if they think they can’t get into the parking lot.  But thus far, road works usually only take a day on Main Street or Water Street, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Males Nurses Needed

The boss and I just came back from a visit to the hospital.  We went to visit a friend who just had a baby and we both agree that more male nurses is needed in this town.  The male nurses in  mens scrubs  and not only good looking they are definitely more sympathetic and has more empathy than the female nurses it seems.  I wished more men would go into this profession because when I was in the hospital a few years ago, it was a male nurse who was very kind to me, when my mother-in-law was in the hospital, it was the male nurses who helped the most and today, we watched a male nurse in his colorful and cartoony scrub play with a bunch of sick kids and doing magic tricks to help them past the time in the hospital – it was a heartwarming sight.

I Want A Bigger Store !

Yes, I do but I refused to pay more for rent – not that we cannot afford it, it’s gonna mean we need to work a lot harder  and I don’t want to  hire anymore lazy bums to work.  So I have no choice and not complained when the  bean bag chairs  I had bought for the kid to put them in the store for her had to be brought back home instead because she don’t have space at all.   You see the kid always had a small area at the back of the store – so that we can bring her to work and let her play around the back area.  But as she grew older – she collected more toys and more movies and of course, the small space looked even smaller.  But I’m pretty happy with the size although we could really use more retail space and a wee bit more space for the kid.  So I’m going to be thankful and not ask for the impossible now.

Trucking Along

So the boss bought a truck – a few years ago and his reason was to move stuff from the store to home and vice versa and sometimes to deliver stuff to customers.  Well, of course  I didn’t stop him from buying it because the truth is we do need a vehicle to move things around – else I would have to beg friends and customers to help us whenever we needed to move heavy stuff around.  Anyhow, we got the truck and used it for a few months and then the used truck needed fixing and in the end we spent a lot more money on truck than we had care to.  We also looked into some  curt trailer hitches  to use in the future in case we needed to haul more stuff around like when we are moving the store from one location to another.  That way, the boss don’t need to make an excuse to buy a bigger truck.  I’ve seen a lot of people using those trailer hitches and it’s easy and very convenient to store away when you are not using it.   And the trailer hitch will probably last forever, so it’s a great investment if you ask me.


Lots Of Wedding In The Summer

I just saw a bridal car past by the store a minute ago and this is the 3rd one I saw this week.  Lots of wedding in this town during the summer – in fact we just came back from one – in New Brunswick and the bride had one a  bari jay  gown with her bridesmaid. The bride was beautiful and so was her entourage of bridesmaid – we had such a good wedding up in New Brunswick.  Summer is the best time for weddings and if my kid grows up and have a wedding I would definitely want her to have a summer wedding too.  Just wished they had more places for them to take good wedding pictures in this town.

Swimming In The Cool Summer Nights

The days are very warm here sometimes but by the time we get home from work it has cool down considerably – making it not so fun having a swim in our outdoor pool.  We are looking at getting a heater for the pool but  electric swimming pool heaters  are not easily found in town – so we had to look for them online.  Shopping online is definitely my favorite but which pool heater to buy?  but I’m determined to get one because with the pool heater – we can swim all year round without thinking of going on a vacation just because we want to swim in a heated pool.  I know the kids in the neighborhood would enjoy that very much too.  And I think I found the place where I can get all sorts of pool supplies, now we can all look forward to swimming soon even when we are home late from work.

Mini Renovation In Store

Since we needed more space for repairing computers, we had to do a little renovation in the store – to enable more network cables and more electrical outlet to put up more computer towers on the repair table.  More of the work is done now – they are just waiting for some  welding cable  to come and we can have more space for working on different computers at the same time.   We figured we shouldn’t ask the landlord to do the renovation since he already had given us a door and planning to give us a screen door for the summer, I guess we can do this electrical renovation on our own.  The store is currently in quite a mess, so the sooner the reno is done the better it is for us in the back.

The Business Of Jewelry

We don’t take jewelry at our store even though people seems to think we do, they bring in their  platinum band, diamond ones and gold band to us all the time.  I sometimes wished we do take them – because I’m sure I can get some really good jewelry at a good price but having said that – we don’t want to take the risk because we don’t know how to differentiate the real stuff and the fake ones.  When I want to buy any jewelry, I would only go to a reputable shop.  So when someone came in with a platinum band, I wanted it so much but had to let it go because the spouse don’t want to take the risk and buy something that is not real.  So I guess I know where I have to get my platinium band now   – and they do make lovely wedding bands too.

New Floors For The Store

We were looking for garage floor tile  but ended up deciding that the store need new floor more than the garage.    Now if only the store belongs to us – we would gladly replace the carpets in the store but since it doesn’t why waste money on it right?  So the boss gotta talk to the landlord and see if he would do the carpets or else we would have to save the money for the carpet of the store.  Now if he is willing to do it – then we can use the money we’ve originally saved up for the garage instead.  You see being your own business owner is not as fun as everyone thinks eh.  While people think that we are swimming with money and can buy anything we want – truth is we always think of the store first and paying everyone first before ourselves.  But when it comes to our kid – that’s a different story altogether.

Babies, Babies and More Babies


This year is the dragon year and it looks like the town is booming with babies.  Well, not only this town – everywhere!  my girlfriends from Toronto, Asia and USA all just had a dragon baby each and I’m out buying baby gifts every other week it seems and mailing them out.  I figured getting  Baby Nursery Bedding  is the best buy because they would certainly use it and wouldn’t outgrow it within a few months.  I remembered my own kid used hers for years and even though she is 8 yrs old now – she still uses some of her baby stuff .  Yes, babies everywhere – we should have open a business just doing baby’s accessories and food.

New Cafe Opens In Town

подаръциикона за подарък

So the new cafe opened for business a few weeks ago and I’ve heard really good reviews of the cafe – but it is high end food I have to warn you and with granite countertops houston that they are using, you can imagine how much they paid to renovate the entire place.   The counter tops from houston were very beautiful, in fact I liked it so much – I had to ask them where they got them from that is how I knew they were from a place in Houston.

Food was lovely, the ambiance even nicer but it’s a small cafe and they are now opened till 8pm from 8am.  I would love to try their desserts with some friends some day but I know that there must be more than the desserts that are good.  It’s really good to see new businesses opening downtown and I really hope they do well and is successful.

Bring Your Kid To Work Day

For some it’s not often but for us since we owned our own business and don’t have anyone to babysit our kid, we have no choice but to bring her to work.  And of course, we have play dates at work too, luckily we’ve sectioned out a space for her to play and watch tv with her friends and of course our trusted yo yos for all the kids to play together.  When the kids are bored, we tell them to compete against each other on how long they can play with their yo yos and also what kind of different tricks they can come up with.  It’s fun seeing them enjoy my childhood game this much and the ones who come up with the most tricks usually get one to bring home – or a prize candy.   So if you have a bring your kid to work day, try buying some yo yos and let your kid practice and play with them when they get bored after the initial few hours.  It works all the time for us.

Tall Movie Racks

The newest movies are always placed right on top and me and some customers have a hard time getting to the very top of the shelf most times – so I told the boss that it’s about time we invested in the two step stools – so that we can get to the movies.  Shorter customers don’t want to reach up to the very top to get the latest because it can be quite awkward for them or they are afraid they may knock something down in the meantime – but if you leave the two step stools nearby – and encourage them to use it the first time – they would then use it in the future too.   But of course, we have to get one that is sturdy – don’t want to get sue for a broken arm or leg right?  some money you just gotta spend.

Comic Con 2012

Some customers of ours is talking about Hal-Con in Halifax in October 2012 and while some are going to be dressed up in their favorite anime and cartoon  heroes,  their spouses on the other hand wants to get some adult lingerie costumes to attend Hal-Con with them.    Now that would be interesting – but some of these adult lingerie costumes are very well – made and they are suitable for the event – like the one in school girl costume plus I think some wants to get the adult lingerie costumes because they come in plus size and nurses uniforms.  I like the bridal ones – because I can smear some red paint on and I can be some horror story bride.  I think the girlfriends of our customers are really creative and I would loved to see them in costumes before they leave for the city when the time comes.