Ferry Tapped Out


So I’ve been reading a lot about how the ferry is tapped out now because they’ve used the last of the $21 million in what the Nova Scotia government had planned to give them in support of the run from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth.  But wait a minute !  the $21 million was to be spread out for 7 years and 2 months into service, they’ve already finished using the money ?  Now , no matter which way you look at it, it doesn’t look right.

I don’t know how Nova Star used the money but as a taxpayer myself, I just don’t feel right at all.  If the government was giving this money to something that isn’t going to work at all, wouldn’t it be wiser to use it for something else more fruitful.  So was Dexter correct all along about the ferry?  very confusing and I for one wants the ferry to work without costing our taxpayer so much money.

If Nova Star or the Economic Development minster knew that they would need more money and years to make it work, why wasn’t this out in the open in the first place?  I totally, CONFUSED!  and I’m pretty sure a lot of people ain’t too happy about it. And for myself, I’m a lot confused more than anything.

Before We Put Away Our Sandals

Before we put away our spenco sandals  we are going to head out to the beach one last time before the weather turns too cold for the beach.  So we hope to head out to the city this weekend and visit Peggy’s Cove and head out to the waterfront  or  the beach if the weather permits if not, we will have to  swim in the hotel’s pool.  I don’t know if we are going to have time to head out to the city again anytime soon but I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we go again because of my Chinese/Japanese  food and the swimming pool in the hotels that we stay in.  I’m so looking forward to this weekend and if you are wondering why we didn’t go during the long weekend, it’s because nothing is open during the holidays here.

Taking A Break From The Store

We took another break last week from the store and went away to the city for 3 days – and it was more tiring than being at the store because we had some missions to accomplished.  From helping a friend to buying groceries and shopping for the kid’s clothes and shoes to get her ready for school.  But I’m glad that Gary was around to help – because he is trustworthy and we can be sure that he will only do things to benefit the store and will never ripped us.

Cheap Weekend Vacation

Now that we have Gary who is reliable to help us with the store – we can go for a cheap vacation anytime we want – and we’ve found some really great prices on vacation home we can rent for the long weekend if we plan to go somewhere warmer.  I love that we now can look for vacation rentals by owner because they are definitely a great place to stay when you are traveling with kids and older folks like your in-laws.

Sometime soon – we are heading back to Asia for a visit – and guess what we are going to do with our home – we are also going to rent out our home – to vacationers – like ourselves while we are away – for 3 months long.  What better way than to make money with our home – while we travel Asia – that certainly will cut our cost down when we are on vacation – that way we don’t have to worry about extra accommodation cost.  It’s like breaking even – smart eh!

Store Is Opened On Thanksgiving Day

Yes! we are gonna be opened for Thanksgiving Day – at least a few hours – from 12 – 6pm – bummer that the chinese restaurant is not opened and neither is good old timmie’s.  Oh well, we will survived – it’s just one day.  But yes!  we worked really hard and is opened on all holidays – but now that we have Gary – that’s not that bad  and if we really wanted to take time off – we can.

We hope that we will continue to do well – for the rest of the year – this year – the time had really flew – I don’t know where all those days went – but we are very blessed – business had been good and the spouse had been making some good choices and not buying anything that we need to keep for a long time.  I hope that next year we will be able to take some proper time off – i fully trust Gary – I know there is nothing to be worried about when he is at the store.  In fact, he always goes beyond his call of duty to help us.

Road Trips

We don’t own a RV but would love to own one because seriously when i moved to Canada – I thought I would be doing so many road trips – after all – Canada is the place of lots of land right?  But darn! i was so wrong *sigh* – with a business – not mine !  mind you! but the spouse – we can’t even get into the city – unless I go crazy on the spouse.  But yes! ultimately we would like to own one – like the one his uncle has – and then take many road trips.  Last week, while RV hunting with the uncle – we also checked out the  rv insurance quote just to be sure we can afford it when we are ready to get one.  Like anyone in business we always plan our finances properly – can’t buy something we can even afford its insurance right.  So yes!  we are looking forward to owning one soon – i hope by next summer – hopefully, the spouse have fun driving it as much as his uncle.

Seafest Officially Opens

Seafest 2010 officially opens today – the children’s parade started at 1.10pm and the weather was really good too.  Despite the fact that it was raining yesterday – the kids’ spirit was really high as you can see here.  So what is Seafest – i hear people asked all the time – it’s a series of event for the town and its resident and hopefully the neigbouring county to come celebrate summer by the sea.

We used to sponsor some events some 10 years ago – and have our name printed on banners for the event we sponsored but lately they haven’t approached us – so that’s ok too.  I see this year a lot of big names were in their sponsorship – like Register.com – Pharmasave – Rudders – Eastlink Advertising – Canadian Tire – Boston Pizza – CBDC – City Drug Store – Coastal Financial Credit Union – Murray GM – Tim Hortons of course Warptech – all the big boys in this town.  I wonder why they didn’t approach Walmart eh?  Afterall, Walmart gets most of this town’s money in my humble opinion and put some outta business as well.  Oh did you see our new MLA ?  yes ! there he is!

Business As Usual

So we closed the store for the first time – to head up to the city – because I had an eye doctor appointment and to look for  stainless steel drums.  I feel better closing up then to get in a part time employee to help for the day – because then you know that you don’t have to worry about anything. You have to make sure that the person you hire will not need  Cocaine Rehab, or have some other personal problems. After all when you have a good security system it is better to not chance it!
The store is secured with a new security company and we had put in more sensors even in the basement and on the windows in front and at the back of the store.

Of couse, I’m sure the spouse wasn’t really, really too keen on closing the store – but when you can’t find the right help – what can you do eh?  and the person we wanna hire – well, he just ain’t barging at all – hahah!!  you know who you are bugger  😛   Anyhow – if i had it my way – i would stay another day – but this summer – with good rates from help from a customer – who works for Westin – we are staying longer – for sure.

Vacation Time

Yes, we had a white out today ..!  and boy! i can just imagine what it would be like to be in some Caribbean Hotels just about right now – seven heaven..??  Yes.. right about now.. we could use some vacation.  But as you all know owning your own business doesn’t allow you to just apply for leave .. and then come back to a cushy job.   I really can’t wait to go for a good holiday – the Caribbean would be really  nice – my daughter’s godma Lynn – she goes there every year – because we wanna escape the cold.  A lot of us from Canada either go to the Caribbeans or Hawaii, in fact – sometimes you think that the Canadians and the Americans invaded the Caribbeans when you are there.  Are you ready to leave yet for vacation? we are!

Vacation Time

A good customer turned friend just came back from their  All inclusive family vacations .. to hand me some food he had picked up for me.. in the city, since I can’t get any here. While chatting, he had explained that he killed many birds with one stone on his trips. And one of them were passport for himself and his daughter. The reason why he was doing so was because he said he was always on a look-out for good deals for a vacation. And as soon as one does appear with the local travel agency, he would be all set and leaving for Mexico.

Yes.. one can get great deals .. going to Mexico.. and not only can one get to stay in unique beach resorts, enjoy the sun and the sea, you also get an all inclusive vacation for the whole family without any stress of planning your next meal, for all meals are included. Lots of programs and activities to enjoy but most importantly, you get out of the cold. . and get some warm .. and some fresh air and relaxation. We should start planning too.

It Still Icy & Cold

February is almost gone.. and every year we wonder when the warm whether is gonna come .. and we whined about taking a vacation and can`t wait till we get out of this cold and wet weather.  Orlando vacations are very enticing especially during the March break, I know of our regular customer heading that way with her entire family to escape the cold here.  If it wasn`t for the business, I will be the first to head out there.

Cuba Is Canadians

This time of the year, if you ever go to Cuba, you would think that you probably landed in the wrong country. . or the Canadians owned Cuba.  Yes, the worst time of Winter.. is the time where all Canadians flocked to Cuba.  Travel medical insurance are highly sought after by the people here.. and I tell yer not all the Canadians are smart enough to think of that. But i make sure.. all our customers who are heading that way knows about the benefit of it. Just because we can leave the store.. and go holidaying.. doesn’t mean that we have to be selfish about what we know eh.

Vacation Time For Canadians

A lot of our customers are going away for vacation right after Christmas.  A customer turn into friend.. is heading to Las Vegas with the whole family just after the New Year .. and boy ..!! are we envious. Hotel in las vegas are awesome.. and i know it is cold there.. but not as cold as it is here in Canada.  And I told him not to miss those shows at Ceasar’s Palace as well.  Everyone whom we have spoken to, said we deserve one too.. and boy .. do we know..!! but how to leave your store.. when you haven’t got anyone to entrust it to. Afterall, the man is the only one who does computer work.. and since computer are our major thing.. there is just no way.. to up and leave.  *sigh* .. why do i have to be with a businessman..??

Christmas Vacation

It gets really cold here in Canada.. and one place i would loved to go for a vacation if we could close for Christmas is to be in Las Vegas.  Sure it is cold there too.. but nothing beats the lights and all the cool stuff you can do in Vegas.  Of course, I would never missed the Las Vegas Shows and there are just too much to choose from.

But one can also book your tickets online depending on who you are going with.  If it is only for you and your spouse .. and you are leaving the children behind, I would recommend David Spade show.  But if I was going with my girlfriends.. the Mama Mia show is a must.  Getting your tickets at good price from www.showlasvegas.com is your best bet in getting good tickets at good prices.

Tourists In Town

We don’t get very many tourists in our store because we are an electronic store.  Even though we sell console games, they don’t want to buy it from us just in case something is wrong with it when they go home.  I can fully understand it of course because i wouldn’t want to deal with having to contact a shop from another country .. to get back a few bucks.  But scrapbooking business is another thing altogether and I know the tourist loves to buy stuff from this gift shop in town.  In the summer, we often wonder if we should have been in the scrapbooking business.

How Does Business Owners Like Us Go For Holidays..?

Remember a few months ago, we won air tickets to Montreal..??  Yup..!! the donation ticket that we didn’t buy ourselves.. but a customer turned good friend .. Sherri who had bought it for us as part of her Christmas present to us.  Nah.. we didn’t get to go.. because it’s hard .. to shut down the store for week.. and leave.  But if it was tickets to Las Vegas.. well.. you know who would be on the first plan outta here eh.  The las vegas strip is definitely a place to revisit.. especially if this time. .was with my spouse and not with my ex-bosses and ex-engineers.. it would definitely had been a great trip.

Happy Canada’s Day

We are open for business on Canada’s Day .. ! Come spend money at our store..!!!

We Deserved A Break

Yup..! i’m ranting again..! i need to go for a holiday.. and i need to leave the store to someone else’s care this year. I think we really deserved it. PB and I were looking at hotels in las vegas because we had thought that we were going for a convention there in September but what a bummer.. they changed venue. Now all my research work done.. is wasted.

A Break From Work

We envy our customers who comes in and inform us about their family vacation in Cancun and I know the man’s extended families goes there on a yearly basis. I kid you not..! And they know the place so well and still goes back yearly because here is always something new .. to do for both the children and the adults.

Winter is the best time for Canadians to go for their trip at Karisma. As a foodie .. i would love to try out their new Gourmet inclusive. The all you can eat.. and different cuisine, I bet all my food blogging friends.. would envy me too. I love the all inclusive package because when you bring the family along for vacation… you don’t have to worry about carrying too much cash or over spending on food, as they are all taken care of. All you have to do .. is to bask in the sun.. and relax, now that’s my kinda vacation.

Vacation Plans

Going for a vacation needs some planning to ensure that a holiday goes smoothly and that everything is taken care of, so that one can relax and truly get rejuvenated when you come back to work. These days, they cater especially to the Spanish speaking folks especially through Hoteles who are the leader in the holiday industry.   This site is unique and is carefully thought for their special customers who feels alot at ease using Spanish.  So if you have a Spanish speaking boss like I had or a friend, you know where they should go for their vacation plans.  Absolutely stress free and hassle free..!