Too Much Snow This Year !


This picture says it all doesn’t it !  I rest my case !  but seriously, we have way too much snow this year.  I think we are just getting the times when we didn’t have a lot of snow.  Pay back time says Mr Winter !  hahahha!!!

Hurricane Arthur


Hurricane Arthur hit us harder than we had expected.  For those who’ve lost power, I hope that power will come back soon for you.  And for all our customers and friends out there, I hope Arthur didn’t damage too much of your property.

We lost half the shingles on our roof at the cottage and on home front, just a few shingles, nothing that we are too worried about.  But we did lose power for 36 hours at home and the cottage was longer.

I guess, Hurricane usually misses us but this time, when we think that we are not going to have it as hard as any other places, it hit us like there was no tomorrow.  Alot of damages around town as you can see here.  My heart goes out to a lot of the people in the town.  Stay safe folks.

Storing Our Vehicles For Winter

Some cars we only use during the summer because during the winter, there is too much salt on the ground and also we don’t have winter tires for the vintage car that my father-in-law keep for a hobby.  This year we are thinking of buying another vehicle for plowing the snow with so a  bendPak lift may be the way to go, if we want all our cars kept in the garage.  So instead of building another garage or expanding the present one, the easy fix is to get a bendpak lift which is way cheaper than buying a storage unit or renting one in the long run. The ones we saw for our need is not expensive at all but of course, they do have the heavy duty ones for people who likes to work on their cars or trucks during the winter.  I do like the use of these lift because we can store it away when we don’t need them and they can be easily move from one place to another.

Before We Put Away Our Sandals

Before we put away our spenco sandals  we are going to head out to the beach one last time before the weather turns too cold for the beach.  So we hope to head out to the city this weekend and visit Peggy’s Cove and head out to the waterfront  or  the beach if the weather permits if not, we will have to  swim in the hotel’s pool.  I don’t know if we are going to have time to head out to the city again anytime soon but I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we go again because of my Chinese/Japanese  food and the swimming pool in the hotels that we stay in.  I’m so looking forward to this weekend and if you are wondering why we didn’t go during the long weekend, it’s because nothing is open during the holidays here.

Earthquake In Town

Well, not really in town – near town but not that near either.  Apparently it happened last nite at about 11.30pm – but we were still awake and while some customer came in to say that their apartment were shaking we didn’t feel a thing.  Makes me think if the end of the world is coming.  Well, we are not telling our kid because she gets paranoid about everything and anything.

Filling Up The Oil Tank

It’s that time of the year again  – our oil man just came with his big tanker and industrial rubber hose to fill up our oil tank – before the cold hits us bad.   I like to be prepared because we’ve had a number of very cold days already, in fact this year to save cost on heat bill – we are planning to get 2 infrared portable heater for the store.  We’ve heard good thing about the heater and even though we love our oil man with his rubber hose – we love our money more.  Plus, who doesn’t love some savings right in this economy  – and no ferry coming our way next year.  But the kid loves to watch our oil man fill up the oil tank because he explains to her all about how everything works – from the hose he is using till how his tank works.

In Preparation For Winter

Winter isn’t here yet – but the weather is getting cold fast – and in preparation for winter in the store – I’ve decided to invest in a little heated blankie  for my kid when she is at the store – sick.   You see when she is sick from school – she comes to work with us – she has a little sofa bed behind the store – right beside my desk – and there she stays to rest and get well.  Every winter – she seems to have it harder – she gets a lot of cold and sometimes comes down with a fever.  And when she is at the store – she doesn’t seems to be warm enough and it’s hard on her when we have an electric heater blown directly at her.  So this year – since we are doing so much better – I’ve decided to splurge on the essentials – to be prepared.   We worked so hard to keep our family healthy and safe right?  so this is an investment – the spouse and I thinks it’s absolutely necessary.   The kid is thrilled because she likes to get comfy on her sofa couch – she said she won’t mind lying down to watch a movie if she had a electric mattress pad to warm her up in the winter.

Hurricane Irene Came & Went

Well, we thought we were getting Hurricane Irene for a visit – but it was downgraded to a tropical storm – what a disappointment – for we canceled our trip to the city because of her.  Oh well – at least nothing got torn nor did we lose any power – so I’m happy despite the fact that we didn’t get to go anywhere. I wasn’t going to risk it at all.

Rain, Rain Go Away!

We are expecting rain in the next few days ! lets hope it doesn’t turn out to be what happened last year – lots of damages to this town and we really cannot afford it.

Snowstorm In Town

So we had a bit of more snow than we liked – but it is afterall February – and anyone who’ve lived in this town for this many years – would know that we will be getting one sooner or later.  Lets just hope that this will be the last one for this winter – but you never know.

Our store was still opened albeit the fact that we were only opened at 12 – 5pm – and even then – people said we were crazy – ahhahaha!!  We shoveled almost the entire day – but it was alright – we still got our morning coffee and managed to get lunch from Jessy’s.  We’ve had worst – and at least we didn’t lose power this time.

Fitness In Cold, Long And Hard Winter Months

So more snow came down today – and we could go sledding if we chose too – but of course shoveling was in store for us at the store.  Did you know that we have to shovel our own building when the snow falls?  the town don’t take care of it – so everytime we have snow coming down last night – i wished the spouse could send me to work earlier – so that I can shovel earlier – instead of 11am when we open our store.  This has gotta be the best fat burning exercises during the winter – don’t you think?  I read somewhere that 30 mins of shoveling – you lose like 150 calories or is it 250 – well – no matter how many – it is definitely good exercise i find.

On the same note – about exercises during Winter – last year – I had bought a Wii Fit – to do step aerobics with – so i have no excuses to not keep fit.  So I better get moving – and doing something for the festive season was over about a month ago.   Burn the Fat!!  Burn The Fat !!  I taught my kid to chant this every morning when we wake up to remind me to do my exercises.  What about  you ?  how do you burn fats and keep fit?

Mild Winter

Although most people wouldn’t agree with me – i find that thus far – we’ve had a very mild winter as compared to previous years or is it me being a lot more Canadianized.  Come March this year – it would really be my 12 years in Canada – and during this time – I know that I’ve been disappointed with some of the customers here and a lot of the employees that we’ve had.  I’ve met many good friends here – and have kept them for a long time.  Unfortunately, for the spouse – I find that most of his long time friend isn’t that good a friend – in fact, most of my good friends – eventually becomes his friend too – because he knows how much i appreciate them.

Owning a business in Canada – isn’t as easy as some people may think – about 3.5 yrs ago – the store wasn’t doing as well as we had wanted to.  The spouse made some bad decisions on things and of course – we lost a lot of inventory due to the fact that we rent new games and movies out.  The day he decided not to buy new games anymore – was the day – the business turned around.  We don’t make millions of dollars but you can say that we don’t owe anyone any money  – we are also comfortable with having the store and not worry about the next bill from the supplier or power bill or rent – because we have been doing quite well for ourselves.

So maybe i find that the winter is mild – because there is no need to stress about a lot of things no more – no employees to raise my blood pressure, no bullshit – no trying to do right by time – no trying to reschedule around them.  No worries about stupid lies from employees – our attitude these days is – don’t know don’t care.   We just look after our family, kid, store and ourselves – the hell with the rest.

Winter BackUp Plans

Winter is definitely here – and every winter I’m afraid – afraid of losing power because it gets very cold here quick and winter is very harsh here for us.  In fact, I think the last few winter had been really nasty – so yes !  year after year we can only pray for no power outages and the other thing to do is to get a back up generator that way – we know we would be left in the cold till we find somewhere to go – or get dig out from the snow.

Places like the old folks home has several honda generators for days like that – and we’ve always joked that we could always hop over to the old folks home if we do lose power and we don’t have a generator. But it is definitely a lot easier to have a back up generator ourselves – and one at the store – plus it is not so expensive to get one these days.  So if you are like us – have a store and have kids – a back up generator is definitely a good investment.  Staying warm is so important especially if you have kids.

Christmas Parade 2010

It was the Christmas Parade in this town last Saturday – i started watching the parade with the kid – but the weather was so cold and there was just so many people smoking like a chimney – that I had to get the spouse to go out to be with the kid.   I figured I wasn’t really missing out on a lot and judging from the pictures the spouse took – I would say – I did better with vacuuming the store during the parade – hahah!  I guess I’m used to bigger and better floats back home  – but the kids enjoyed it – and the organizers did a great job organizing it – so I can’t really complain eh.  Another year – another parade – Christmas is round the corner – and we’ve yet to start shopping for presents.

Christmas Light Up

It’s that time of the year again – the Town’s Christmas Tree Light up will be next Friday at 6pm.  Usually we don’t get to make it because we have to open our store for business or rush off to get groceries – plus it is very cold this time of the year at that time.  But if things changes – I might just bring the kid for the light up.  You can also bring your old lights and exchange it for a set of LED lights – but I hear – they usually run out in 10 minutes – so I won’t be doing that.

White Out

Yes..!! we had a white out again today.  What was given a few centimeters snow turned out to be more like 30 cm – just a rough guess.  But yes, we shoveled at the store – more than a few times..and when we got home we had to shovel again into our driveway.  The darn plow did not come thru’ our street again – they do that all the time.  But this is by far the best fat burning exercises i can get in the winter – so i didn’t quite mind it at all.And we closed the store at 5.30pm because no one in town was open  – well except Sobeys and Toots.  Some even closed as early as noon time – lazy buggers.

Vacation Time

Yes, we had a white out today ..!  and boy! i can just imagine what it would be like to be in some Caribbean Hotels just about right now – seven heaven..??  Yes.. right about now.. we could use some vacation.  But as you all know owning your own business doesn’t allow you to just apply for leave .. and then come back to a cushy job.   I really can’t wait to go for a good holiday – the Caribbean would be really  nice – my daughter’s godma Lynn – she goes there every year – because we wanna escape the cold.  A lot of us from Canada either go to the Caribbeans or Hawaii, in fact – sometimes you think that the Canadians and the Americans invaded the Caribbeans when you are there.  Are you ready to leave yet for vacation? we are!

Danny Coming Our Way

While Bill missed us.. we are looking not forward to Danny coming this weekend. So this weekend is gonna be horrid in sales again.

Tropical storm Danny is forecast to pass just southeast of Cape Cod Saturday evening and then track across Nova Scotia on Sunday. Rain heavy at times and strong gusty winds are forecast to begin in Southwestern Nova Scotia late Saturday and spread northeastward across the remainder of the province Saturday night and early Sunday morning.  Since Danny is a good distance away from the region and there is still some uncertainty on its exact track and intensity, total rainfall amounts and maximum wind gust will not be given at this time.

The public is advised to monitor future forecasts for updated information and possible warnings. Meanwhile, the Canadian Hurricane Centre says Danny will weaken as it moves through canadian waters. In a statement, the Centre says Danny has now become less likely that hurricane winds will occur.

It Still Icy & Cold

February is almost gone.. and every year we wonder when the warm whether is gonna come .. and we whined about taking a vacation and can`t wait till we get out of this cold and wet weather.  Orlando vacations are very enticing especially during the March break, I know of our regular customer heading that way with her entire family to escape the cold here.  If it wasn`t for the business, I will be the first to head out there.

Cuba Is Canadians

This time of the year, if you ever go to Cuba, you would think that you probably landed in the wrong country. . or the Canadians owned Cuba.  Yes, the worst time of Winter.. is the time where all Canadians flocked to Cuba.  Travel medical insurance are highly sought after by the people here.. and I tell yer not all the Canadians are smart enough to think of that. But i make sure.. all our customers who are heading that way knows about the benefit of it. Just because we can leave the store.. and go holidaying.. doesn’t mean that we have to be selfish about what we know eh.