Vacation Time For Canadians

A lot of our customers are going away for vacation right after Christmas.  A customer turn into friend.. is heading to Las Vegas with the whole family just after the New Year .. and boy ..!! are we envious. Hotel in las vegas are awesome.. and i know it is cold there.. but not as cold as it is here in Canada.  And I told him not to miss those shows at Ceasar’s Palace as well.  Everyone whom we have spoken to, said we deserve one too.. and boy .. do we know..!! but how to leave your store.. when you haven’t got anyone to entrust it to. Afterall, the man is the only one who does computer work.. and since computer are our major thing.. there is just no way.. to up and leave.  *sigh* .. why do i have to be with a businessman..??

Christmas Vacation

It gets really cold here in Canada.. and one place i would loved to go for a vacation if we could close for Christmas is to be in Las Vegas.  Sure it is cold there too.. but nothing beats the lights and all the cool stuff you can do in Vegas.  Of course, I would never missed the Las Vegas Shows and there are just too much to choose from.

But one can also book your tickets online depending on who you are going with.  If it is only for you and your spouse .. and you are leaving the children behind, I would recommend David Spade show.  But if I was going with my girlfriends.. the Mama Mia show is a must.  Getting your tickets at good price from is your best bet in getting good tickets at good prices.

Feels Like Winter All Over Again

It’s April now.. and the feeling inside the house is just like winter.. and outside.. well.. like hurricane. The wind is blowing so strongly.. i just hope that PB remembered to bring the sign in from outside the store.. else .. it would surely be blown away or hit a car on the streets. I told you .. we have no spring here.. and if we are lucky.. very lucky.. summer may come in another few months time.

March Snow


Yes.. ! this was what it looked like when we left the store at about 5pm today. It was snowing really hard .. by the time we reached the mall. . for some groceries. With this kinda weather.. how can one expect business to be good..?? It’s suxs big time.. but what can we do..? not much .. to be exact. You can imagine how upset i am.. when we are planning to celebrate Easter next week at the store..!

Snowing In March

Yup.. it was snowing yesterday.. and i think the storm that was up in Toronto missed us. So you can imagine.. how it affects our business every year.. that even in March.. it is still so cold. Power and oil bills were usually high during this time of the year.. but with this new store.. we’ve noticed that we only need to turn the heat up for a few hours. .and then turn it right down.. and we are all set for the rest of the day. So hopefully, with the new store.. even though customers may not spend so much because of saving up for heat and food.. we also donch have to spend as much .. as our previous years.

Freezing Cold

End of February .. and beginning of March.. everyone is out celebrating Spring in different part of the world.. but we are so freezing cold out here. And donch see no spring coming..! it suxs..!!

The weather is just unpredictable.. and i so hate it being so cold.. in February. Every year i am hopeful.. but pattern does persist.. and we’ll continue to dress warm.. and keep safe. Not much really we can do. But even with this cold wind and chill.. we still see customers coming in and sales is getting better too.

Weather All Mixed Up

The weather does proved to be all mixed up every year and the more we looked at it, the more we wonder about global warming. This morning, it was really nice.. not warm by any means.. but nice… almost like spring. And then this afternoon .. it started to snow..!! what a real bummer..!! And we all know.. bad weather means not so much walk-in-traffic .. although it had been quite crazy around here today.

Weather Affects Business


Winds were like 70km/hr yesterday.. and it felt like -18 here.. the gusting was bad.. and as expected.. it affected our business. Sure there were some ppl who came into the store and all.. but overall, it was a quiet day. Yes.. PB braved the weather..and went to open the store.. while the brat and I stayed in the comforts of our warm home. But i’m sure PB loved it.. not having us at the store.. so he can get some peace and quiet.. and no need to tend to the princess for a good 6 hrs.

Freezing Rain

Yup.. i hate to rant about it .. each time.. but we had freezing rain last nite..!! i was surprised that the power didn’t get knocked out..!! with so much ice.. coming down..!! Luckily this morning.. the roads ain’t that bad.. and i donch think the school is opened today either. And guess what..?? JOY TO THE WORLD..!! my furnace was cold.. when i got in.. we ran outta OIL again..!! and OILMAN can only come in at 5pm.. !!!!! YUP..!!! so here we are in the store.. all dressed up.. in with scarf and all. JOY..!!

Black Ice

I never knew what black ice was all about till i moved to Canada .. and having to travel on the highway.. to my in-law’s house.. for our weekly visit. For those of you .. who thinks that snow and the cold weather is fun.. let me tell you it is not at all. The roads are icy.. and very dangerous.. many ppl loses their life.. because of it.

Black ice.. is when there is ice on the road.. and the visibility of the road is not clear.. and when one hit black ice.. your car can overturn really quick.. and when you panic. .and try to use your brakes.. that is when the car will take a swing.. and send you into another car.. or into the ditch. I always tell PB .. it is not him… i’m worried about.. but the other driver.. going on the other direction.. or those who are sitting on their brains.. who overtakes his car.. even when the weather is bad, or driving at 110-120km/hr.. when they should be driving only 40. Yes.. i’ve seen this alot of times.. during my 8 yrs here.

Crazy January

Yup. . it rained the whole day today..!! Had anticipated really nasty weather. .but it only rained . . and a little of thunder and lightning. Every single customer that came into our store today was protesting.. that it should be snowing and not raining. But given a choice i want rain more than snow.. ! snow can get really nasty..!

Evacuation In Quebec Town

Ironic ..!! while we are experiencing spring weather today.. some regions in Quebec town is flooded.

“About 70 homes in the greater Quebec City region were evacuated Wednesday after flood waters from the Montmorency River spread into a nearby town. “


Just look at all the water here.. it’s quite scary if you ask me. Folks will be relocated till the water subsides. I am pretty sure it is quite inconvenient to have to leave the comfort of one’s home.. but safety first i guess.

Flights Cancelled As Storm Descends

“More than 20 flights at Halifax’s Stanfield International Airport were cancelled on Monday, while delays and cancellations have been reported at airports in Charlottetown and Moncton.”

Heaps of snow and plenty of trouble is what is gonna ring in the New Year for us here in Nova Scotia. It’s only 5pm here.. and the sky just turned dark..and it’s really cold outside. We are so not looking forward to strong winds accompanied by snow with reduce visibility, Some parts of Nova Scotia were bracing for rain and freezing rain. Have a safe New Years everyone..!

Oh No..!! Not Again..!!

“Canadians in Atlantic Canada are bracing for a New Year’s Eve storm expected to blanket the region with as much as 35 centimetres of snow.”

Suxs..!! to have bad weather during New Year’s eve. Expected bad visibility .. and strong winds.. meaning.. more accidents. .and death.. for those out partying. Or for those planning to party. .they won’t be able to do it.. and would have it at their own home.. thus disturbing the neighbors.. and fights in the neighborhood.. and meaning the cops.. would be really, really busy. I’m so not looking forward to the bad weather..!

Melting of The Artic Ice Cap


Inland ice seen from a helicopter. Arctic ice melted at record levels in 2007, alarming scientists and raising alarm bells around the world. 

No. 1 Weather story in Canada.  So what does it all means to us.. the layman..??  Should we be very worried..and frightened right now..?? what can we do.. to stop it from happening..?? or slow it down.  I know that the thinning and shrinking is largely because of the warm years but am not really sure about it besides that.  I really think it is everyone’s duty not to be ignorant about stuff like that.  One or two group of people fighting for a cause like that.. wouldn’t make a difference… so we should be educated about it.


It Gets Cold Awfully Fast

“Power crews are busy in the Maritimes in the aftermath of a wicked blast of wintry weather. More than 20-thousand electricity customers were in the dark at one point this morning — 11-thousand in Nova Scotia and more than nine-thousand in New Brunswick. Repair crews have now reduced those numbers to about 45-hundred in Nova Scotia, mainly in Cape Breton. In New Brunswick, about four-thousand homes and businesses are still without power, mostly in the Moncton and Shediac areas. Meanwhile, roughly 200 customers are without power on Prince Edward Island.”

For those who have never lived in cold winter Canada before.. I’ll have to let you know that when power is out.. during Winter.. it gets really cold really quick. Even if you are indoors.. you will freeze if you do not have a woodstove.. or some portable heat. For an adult.. you still can take it for a couple of hours.. but for a kid.. you really have to be careful. We have a portable heater.. that runs by cylinder gas.. that would last us for a good .. 16 hours.. ! we also have a back up system.. and that’s to go to the in-laws. But if the roads are bad.. there is no way.. we can get there. Over the years… PB thinks i am paranoid.. and making sure. .that we have back up stuff.. but i rather be safe than sorry. And this winter.. it looks like it is one of the worst. If anyone wants to migrate.. make sure you choose places like Vancouver.. and not otherwise. Else.. very pitiful..!

Blizzard Heading Eastern Canada

“A massive blizzard that slammed into Ontario and Quebec, dumping mounds of snow, disrupting air travel and causing treacherous driving conditions, was expected to hit the Atlantic provinces next.”

Looks like it is not over here either..! the wind started to pick up at about 10pm yesterday evening.. and it has been going on .. harder and louder. I hope we donch lose power.. man..!! now that would suck .. big time..! And no going to work for PB if the roads are bad.. ! no way am I gonna let him open the store..!  I know he can be stubborn at times.

– 17 with Windchill

Major snowstorm expected I heard..! it is very cold out today..!! it’s crazy..!!! it took me quite a bit to warm up after coming into the store..!! We are expecting 25 cm of snow this weekend..! bummer..!! expecting heavy snow mixed with ice pellets on Sunday, as well as winds gusting to 80 kilometres an hour. JOY..!!!

Lots of Snow

It started snowing real hard here.. after we got home at about 5.30pm. I didn’t even noticed the snow.. coz’ we were in the study room the whole time. Only realised the the road outside our house was filled with snow.. when i went to get dinner ready for the brat. I hope we ain’t getting what US was getting yesterday.. that would be a real B.I.T.C.H.

They Deserved Every Penny

“Atlantic Canadians are getting another nasty fall wallop. Parts of the region could get up to 20 centimetres of snow overnight and tomorrow while coastal areas are expecting snow. Parts of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland are already under snow that fell on the weekend.”

For those of you out there.. who loves to eat lobsters from Atlantic Canada.. but sometimes lament about how expensive they are.. think about it again. Our lobster fishing started like a few days ago.. and the weather.. had been nasty ever since. If i am on land.. and I’m already bitching non-stopped.. can you imagine the fishermen out there.. braving the rain.. and stormy weather.. and snow.. to haul their lobsters from the traps .. in the middle of the sea…?? So if you think about it.. they did risked their life.. just to bring in the lobsters.. so now you can prolly understand why they are so expensive. Please appreciate it.. when you are consuming them. Some fishermen did not come home.. because they were bringing in some lobsters.