Short Days For Students

The school takes the slightest weather changes.. to either dismiss the students early .. or just not have school.. during winter. So if you donch know by now.. in Canada.. during bad weather.. even though we open store daily .. last year.. despite all the snow.. the school closed each time, they hear some wind blowing or flurries.

In Singapore, I’ve never had a day.. where we didn’t have to attend school due to floods.. or the teachers wanted a meeting or to mark the books. They call it the “in-service” here. No wonder Asian students excel in the Western schools.. all the time.

Lots Of Snow


Yes.. the awful snow is here..!! it was snowing real hard.. when I first got up at 8am.. this morning..! You should see the amount of snow accumulated at our house.. i didn’t think the car would be able to get thru’. It isn’t as cold as yesterday.. but PB and my MIL thinks that I freak out each time some snow drops… but it is actually the blowing that i donch like. I know elsewhere in Canada.. they are experiencing worst, so i guess I should be thankful.

Feels Like – 17


We had light flurries all day today.. and it was terribly windy this morning right up to now. I donch really mind the snow.. or the rain.. but the windchill can kill..!! If you have never been to Canada.. during Winter.. you wouldn’t know how bad it is.. ! In fact .. i was so naive . .before migrating.. and never thought that the weather would be this bad. It is so bad. .that the brat and i stay home today… while PB braved the weather.. and went to open the store on his own.

Weather For Trip


The weather was still holding good for the weekend.. and we were so hoping.. for what was forecast but like all weather forecast, it wasn’t accurate.. so we ended up only having one good day.. and the rest of the days were sucky.  On top of it.. it was raining big time when we were coming home .. making it really dangerous .. for us to drive.  Plus the nite we arrived in Halifax.. my mother-in-law came online to tell us that there was an accident on Highway 101 .. the route we took up to Halifax.  Scary eh..!

Weather Still Good

I checked the weather.. and it’s still going good..!! woohoo..!!! that only means one thing eh..?? going to the CITY..!! WOOHOO..!! DHAMRA SUSHI and DIM SUM here i come..!!

This is our first mini vacation.. after so many years. And no worries.. about the store.. and staffing..! No morning employee..?? no worries.. we still survived.. and it has been almost a year..!!

“finger” at you know who..! muahahhahha!!!

Weather Important


Ok.. first thing one has gotta do. .when planning a road trip.. meaning a driving one.. in this cold country.. and town.. and province.. one has gotta check the weather first..! How stupid was I..!!! Ok.. weather checked..and it looks like a good day for driving up on Saturday. Given Sunny on Sunday too.. next week.. even better..!! woohoo..!! But as you know.. the weather can change anytime.. so we’ll check everyday.. and make sure.. that the weather is good.. before heading up… ok. .next accommodation.

It’s Crazy Snowing..!!

Yes..!! this early..!!!  we never have snow this early..!!!  EEEEEEEEwwwwkwkkkkkkkKKK!!!  did i tell you i hate the snow..!!! Good thing.. it’s not staying on the grounds though..  but it’s cold in the store.. and the heat is already up there..!!  And the brat doesn’t wanna eat..!!  Gonna push her out in the snow.. soon.. ! muahhahahaha!! ok.. ok.. i was kidding..!  PB sitting with her.. to watch her eat now.. while i nurse my fibroid pains..! Suxs..!

It’s Freaking Cold..!!

Yes.. it says it all..!! and winter isn’t even officially here.. but i have the heater below my computer desk on the whole time i am at the store. We just put in oil into the furnace at the store.. and this tuesday saw my MIL asking PB how high she should turn the heat up at the house.. while she babysits the brat.

Time to get one of those suede slippers from home.. and another disney one for the brat. Hope she wears it this year.. coz’ last year we bought her an Alex one from Madagascar .. and she didn’t wear it at all. What a waste..!

Damage After Storm

“The powerful remnants of Hurricane Noel knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses, and damaged property and roads around Nova Scotia overnight.”

So what are the damages, after Hurricane Noel..?? My MIL lost power since 3am .. last nite.. and power only came back on this afternoon at 1pm. Good thing they have a woodstove.. else .. they would have slept in the cold.

We were lucky in town. .we didn’t have our power interrupted. A drive up town today.. also didn’t see much damage in Y-town. So once again.. we are safe .. and although the rain was nasty.. we didn’t sustain any injury.


Power Wait for Nova Scotian

“There are still more than 40,000 homes and businesses without power in Nova Scotia after the battering from storm Noel.”

Transmission lines broken due to fallen trees is common around Canada.. for they have all their wires hanging right on top a pole.. like we did in the 70s .. in Singapore. So yes.. Canadians out there.. in Singapore.. all our wirings are underground. So we are never affected as badly as the Canadians.. in times like this. I have no idea why .. the Canadian government or the town councils didn’t consider having them underground.. or maybe they do have their reasons.. but when we have bad weather.. which is like 6 months in a year.. we get affected.. and some parts worst.. because they have to wait a week.. before power will come back on. Sad to say but true.

Even with 230 crew members out working and focusing on restoration.. the crews are encountering obstacle .. so we heard today. Nova Scotia Power said.. that it would be late Tuesday evening before everyone gets their power back. 170,000 customers are left cold till tomorrow evening. If you donch know.. it is getting colder and colder.. by the day here. We are pretty much helpless to be honest .. when something like this happens.


Dangerous Storm Hits Our Shores

“People in Atlantic Canada are expecting heavy rain, strong winds and possible electrical outages as the remnants of Hurricane Noel hit the region this weekend.”

As at 4pm this afternoon . .the rain intensified.. and it is truly nasty out there. We closed our store at 6pm this evening and told Keegan to stay home and be safe. Glad we didn’t go on our “Eat My Way to Halifax” trip. The full brunt of Hurricane Noel is gonna hit us later on this evening.. and we donch know how much damage it will cause us here in Y-Town. So I am gonna quickly post this up.. so you all know that we are safe as at 7pm .. NS time. The skies turned from bright blue to dark black and rain began pelting.

Nothing merry about Noel in Maritimes

Well, it looks like Hurricane Noel is aiming for the Maritimes. So we’ve canceled our plans to eat our way up to Halifax. What a bummer..!! Hurricane Noel is expected to be a post-tropical storm by the time it reaches the region on Saturday, but forecasters say it will still pack a wallop.  A good fall storm is what is expected here but we hear that it usually hits Halifax more than Y-Town.

So if you donch see me online during the weekend.. it just means that the lines are all down.  Yes.. we are still living in the 70s here.. where all wires and lines are above ground.  Yah.. and they can afford to build a $6 million building but not fixed those damn lines.

“Nasty’ weather weekend for Atlantic Canada

“Atlantic Canada could be in for a major fall storm this weekend as Noel, which strengthened to a hurricane Thursday, is on track to pass directly over the region, bringing high winds and heavy rains.”

We haven’t had any storm warning yet.. but we just may have to cancel our plans for the weekend break..because Halifax usually gets hit harder than us.. if anything does come. When they had Hurricane Juan a few years ago.. in Halifax.. we didn’t get any here in Y-town.. and for the sake of safety reasons.. we might not head up to Halifax. Bummer..! but better safe than sorry.

See I told you ..!

The Gods Must Be Really Angry..! Hurricane Dean churns through the Caribbean !

Yuks..!! what’s going on..!! here i am complaining about a little thunderstorm here at home.. and worrying about my in-law’s crops .. in the garden.

“Hurricane Dean pounded the eastern Caribbean islands of St. Lucia and Martinique Friday and was expected to gain strength as it moves westward. Passing between the two islands, the hurricane caused flooding, downed trees, ripped off roofs and knocked out power. The storm packed winds of 160 km/h, with stronger gusts.”

Tropical storm warnings continues for U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and many other Caribbean islands, including Grenada, St. Kitts, St. Maarten and the British Virgin Islands.

Lets pray for safety .. for all everyone in that region.


The Gods Must Be Angry

We had a thunder storm last nite or rather overnite. It started around 3am here in Y-Town. But it looks like there were reports of power outages in the Halifax area and along Nova Scotia’s south shore after a powerful thunder storm overnight. We were lucky, we weren’t affected by the outages and we’ve never been left in the cold either during winter.

But this time, heavy rain swept up the coast dropping up to 40 millimetres in some places. With everything going on around the world.. in Hawaii and even our dear friend Simple American had said.. they were preparing for a storm the other day.

So I guess the Gods Must Be Angry eh..??

Summery Day At Last..?

What a nice and warm day it was today..! very summery like.. but the wind was cool.. but that’s alright.. it was still warmer than most days.

If you all donch know by now.. even summer here can be really chilly. We donch get very much warm days. But the house was really hot.. and the store.. was cool.. just nice.. kinda cool.

Chloe did good playing by herself.. alot.. and also went out on bike rides just outside the store. She was quite relentless when asking to go out for rides..and insisted and said.. “please.. please.. please.. please..” till we said.. ok. But really how to say no .. to her.. if only we had more time to play with her.. instead of working.. and trying to make a living.

Storm missed Us

The storm missed us yesterday.. and i’m thankful.. !! we donch need it at all. Reports on downpour, thunder and lightning, and the rain was very heavy… and some damages in some area.

The sky looks really gloomy right now… i’m really hoping we ain’t gonna be hit by the store… that would sux big time.

Oh.. we ain’t doing the flea market tomorrow.. but will be opening the store for a couple of hours.. just because .. our customer/s still comes in .. if we are open. Can’t refuse the money right..??