This is MY blog. I reserved the right as to what is on it. If you do not like its contents and it upsets you in anyway, please LEAVE and DO NOT COME BACK.

I take no responsibility … as to your mental or emotional well-being after you’ve read my blog.
If you think I’m talking about you.. please don’t flatter yourself.
If you feel a need to be rude or act like a jerkhead after reading my blog, please do it on your own blog.

I DO NOT welcome criticism or destructive comments and especially not those that will glorify you, remember this is MY blog. If you spam/flame me, I swear I will hunt you down.

If you are from this small town (Y-Town), you should leave immediately and NEVER come back to this blog because you and I know how “chao” turtles you are and you know who you are!