Worst Nite Ever

Last nite was the worst nite ever .. with our baby chloe.. 🙁
She puked twice before 1am.. and another time at about 2am.. and she would cry and cry and cry.. and wouldn’t go to bed.. 🙁
It would almost seems like her tummy was sore .. that she cannot sleep on her tummy or her back.. she would be sound alseep on our shoulders.. but as soon as you put her down.. on her crib.. she starts crying.. 🙁
We were at a lost on wat to do .. *sigh*.. her da-da and i took turns to be with her.. and finally we were so exhausted.. from her puking.. and fussiness from the whole day.. that i had her sleep on me .. on the sofa.. she finally did fall asleep on me.. but would wake up squirming every 15mins or so.. and i had to pat her to sleep again.. and this went on till about 8am in the morning..and she refuses to stay down on the sofa with me.. so i got up.. gave her some milk.. hoping she would sleep again …. just a little more.. but she didn’t .. so by 9am.. i went up.. propped onto the bed.. and woke her da-da up.. and told him.. i can’t take it anymore.
So da-da woke up.. and stayed up with her.. and i got some rest till 12.30pm.. thank god we didn’t have to be at work till 5pm.. but today… i ain’t bringing her to work.. and if i can help it .. i ain’t bringing her to the store .. for a long time.
Hopefully .. tonite will be a better nite for us.. it’s so tiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!!! I could kill to get a good nite sleep.


I wished i wasn’t so tired from looking after Chloe.. I love Chloe to death.. but it’s so exhausting.. looking after her 24hrs a day.. plus when she doesn’t wanna sleep at nite.. or wakes up wee hours in the morning.. and refuses to go back to sleep.. and puke a couple of times during the day.. and fusses in the store.. when we have to work.. on top of all these… the store is busy.. so it makes a very tiring day for me.
I just wished i had more energy.. everyone who comes into the store.. just wannna stay and chat.. about something.. and then chloe would fuss even more.. because she feels left out. Or when i try feeding her.. and getting her to nap.. and inconsiderate customers would come and talk loudly to you .. or make alot of noise.. that really frustrates me. I wished i could tell them to go away.. and not take up too much of my time.. i have no time to hear stories about their life.. and wat their mother do or does.. or when their mother move or watever.. it’s too trivial.. and i have no time for small talk for those especially i don’t care for. And ppl who invite themselves into chloe’s area.. and not take off their shoes.. so .. so inconsiderate.. i sometimes just wanna scream at them.. and tell them to please think for chloe first.. afterall.. i really don’t need for them to visit us .. when we are at the store.. the store is for business.. and if they have no business.. they shouldn’t even come in… especially wrong timing and plus i still got my hives.. so you can imagine how uncomfy i was. I could smack them sometimes.
Anyhow.. we hired someone new today.. and i am hoping she would work out… coz’ i dont’ wanna lose a friend in her.. We are gonna try to be really, really patient with this new staff.
Keeping my fingers crossed .. all of my fingers i mean.. so you see how desperado i am..??!!??

Wat a temper!

My baby Chloe has got a bad temper. I was trying to feed her today .. and boy was she upset or mad.. so mad.. that she was clenching her fists and mouth and face. I am hoping she is not gonna turn out to be one of those uncontrollable kid that we have once in a while in the store.
I wonder if there is something we can do.. or is there a problem with her behaviour that she will not outgrow when she is older? i hope not.. but i used to say.. that my kid ain’t gonna misbehave like some kids we see in the store.

An Insinuative mother and ex-babysitter..??

Chloe’s ex-babysitter, who is also our store manager’s relation has been making suggestions and insinuating that we should raise her pay NOW..!! since she is working on spilt shifts and the only employee we have now.. or the only reliable one. And the insinuation is not to us though.. but to our store manager .. and of course she is upset .. with her relation harrassing her.. and she prolly think that we should raise her pay too and if we didn’t .. her relative must be right.. that we don’t value her services and her employment with us, which by the way is not true. It’s just that everything is so unstable now.. we don’t really know exactly.. how we are gonna solve our staffing problems.. so we wanna wait a little and look at the big picture instead.. of looking at this for just now.
We value our store manager.. but we don’t think anyone can work alone.. forever.. because one does get sick.. like i did the other day. So the obvious solution is to try our hardest to find someone half decent. And as for raising her pay.. we will… in good time. And as for her relative.. i think she has an agenda.. and not so much as looking out for her well-being.. from all the stories we heard about her. So the next time I hear again .. about my ex-babysitter making any insinuation .. i am gonna go right out and ask her .. what her agenda is…??!!?? To make our store manager lose her job.. so that she can be like her..?? or does she wants a job at our store.. that badly to sabotage her own daughter..???!!??? Well .. anything is possible i guess.. from the stories i hear. I hope our store manager is wise enough.. to listen to her head..and not someone’s elses idle talking. Afterall.. empty vessel makes the most noise. And is her relative is an empty vessel.. or just a very calculative.. and scheming woman..?? your guess is just as good as mine. But from all that i’ve heard.. from everyone… it’s not good, that’s wat i can say.

Accountant to the rescue..??

We had to let one of our employee go..a couple of weeks ago.. because it just wasn’t working out for us and him.. after 6 weeks.. but he wasn’t a bad guy.. just not suitable for this kinda work. After a few weeks.. his “accountant” sent us a fax.. asking us for reason for the dismissal, and had also mentioned that our ex-employee had lost his father to cancer at a young age.. and was trying hard to make a living..???!!!??? *Frown*.. uuuuhhhhhhhhhh……….???!!!??? so this i supposed is reason enough to keep an employee.. even though he isn’t doing a average job..???!!!??? We really ain’t looking for a super duber employee.. just someone who would follow instructions..and do the work.. unfortunately.. for the past 6 weeks.. that we had this employee.. he failed to follow the most important instruction that we asked of him.. and did not lock the door of the store when he left for the evening. So .. it is alright to overlook all these…??!!?? And continue hiring him.. even though he made several major mistakes.. even after counselling him of the importance..???!!!??? Weird that he has an accountant for one.. and secondly .. weirder that he had his accountant fight his case for him???!!!??? Surely he doesn’t think that we dismissed him.. for fun..??? Surely he doesn’t think that he was doing a great job..??? If he was.. why would we dismissed him..??? Don’t he know that .. we have to re-hire and re-train.. thus making it more exhausting, time consuming..and more money spent ..???!!???
Folks here are really wierd.. honestly.. *frown* .. they claimed that there is no work in yarmouth.. but not many i know.. wants to put in a day of hard labour.. and earn their keeps.. they just wanna be there.. just to pick their pay at the end of the week.. and try to do as little as possible.. or get away .. with doing as little as possible. And they rather go on welfare.. and whine and whine and whine.
We had a previous employee.. who wanted us to up his pay.. and lessen his hours..????!!!???? aaahhhhhh..NO!!
*Shaking my head* WTH!!! they think we are dumb..?? if our employees does a great job.. we do reward them accordingly.. and if we don’t .. that means they are not doing a great job… simple as that.. and we raise and give out bonuses accordingly.. not at our employee’s whim and fancy. Dumb ppl..!!

Sweetest Corn

We visited Chloe’s grandparents in South Ohio .. after closing the store.. even though we said.. we weren’t gonna be working today. We did go in for a couple of hours.. just because… plus i know my spouse really didn’t like the idea of closing for the day… being a video store.. and and not making some money for the day. But i was extremely tired.. and stressed up .. because we don’t have any staff .. except Jenn. Anyhow.. coming back to Chloe’s grandparents… we went to visit during supper time.. and Chloe’s grandparents grow the sweetest corn.. i’ve ever tasted.. they had just picked the corn from the garden.. and cooked them for us… and it’s was so sweet.. that i had to bring another one home to eat.. and as soon as i got home.. i ate it.. yummy .. yum.. 🙂
Next year.. Chloe is gonna be able to savour all the good stuff that grammie and grampie grows.. 🙂

Daddy’s girl

I look as Chloe falls asleep on her da-da’s shoulder .. after finishing more milk. And as her da-da gently trying to burp her … before putting her down… I am grateful.. that Chloe’s bonding with her daddy is such a natural thing. I cannot imagine.. having a kid .. with any of the chinese men .. that came along my way.. for i know.. they will never be doing what chloe’s daddy is doing for her. My spouse spares nothing .. when it concerns chloe.. he would remember to buy her formula.. her diapers.. or her food… when they run low. I think back.. of all the people that came by my life.. in the past.. and try to think if they would be the same way.. i don’t know for sure.. but i know that not many chinese men would do wat my spouse is doing for my baby.
I came to Canada with nothing but a luggage and another hand luggage.. and i never turned back since. Everything i used or spent are those of my spouse. I don’t live a luxurious lifestyle here… but i live a very comfortable one. One that I don’t need to worry when my next power bill will be paid.. or when my next meal will come from. We’ve always got heat in the winter and warm clothings. Watever I need is provided by my spouse, be it food .. daily necessity.. feminine hygiene stuff .. or medical bills. So i count myself lucky and blessed .. moreso now.. that i know .. my spouse takes care of our daughter.. when i am ill and unable to.
I cannot say .. i would do so well .. if i had remained in Singapore.. i guess .. i would have a big air-con apartment.. money to buy branded goods… eat out in restaurant everyday.. go to the goldsmith every week, buy a pair of shoes every week.. but i would feel empty inside.. because nothing beats having a baby.. and having a partner .. who would care for both of us.
I’ve felt empty for a long .. long time.. with no one to share my life with…. although work.. and other stuff keeps me occupied.. it’s lonely to have to eat alone.. or eat with someone.. who doesn’t share the same interest as you.. or worst.. with your boss or client, which i do alot.
My spouse and my daughter are my pride and joy.. and i would gladly show them off to my friends and family. I cannot ask for more.. so when i get upset with my spouse for playing everquest in the future.. i have to try and remember all the good stuff .. and count my blessings.


I was really sick yesterday.. and slept the whole day.. couldn’t do anything.. just slept and slept and slept.. 🙁
Poor Chloe and her da-da.. gotta go to work alone.. and of course chloe just wasn’t used to not having her ma-ma.. so she clinged on to her da-da .. for her dear life..and wouldn’t let go.. hahah!!
But my spouse was very brave and good.. about the whole sick thingie.. and took care of chloe the whole day.. without bothering me.. so i could rest.. and rest i did yesterday.. slept the whole day.. and slept some more .. at nite.. although i was dozing in and out.. all the time.. not feeling the most comfy i guess.. and worrying about passing watever i have to chloe ..and her da-da.
Chloe seems fine this morning. when both me and her da-da .. was up with her.. she wasn’t so clingy.. and she is into her usual routine.. so that’s good.. 🙂
One thing we have to train her from now.. is to get her to hold her own milk bottle.. and feed herself.. she don’t seems to wanna do that.. and we are to be blamed.. because we spoilt her..badly. Oh well.. afterall.. she is our only child.. and we don’t really wanna see her crying all the time.
I am thankful.. that my spouse is so good with chloe.. that i don’t have to worry about chloe yesterday.. and grateful.. for jenn.. our store manager.. for working the whole day for us. I don’t know wat i would do without my spouse and Jenn. Just counting my blessings.. that’s all.
And grateful.. that chloe didn’t catch anything from me because grammie is still very busy.. but i wonder if grammie came .. would it be of any help..?? or would chloe cry even more.. since she isn’t familiar with grammie anymore.. *sigh*.. i really wanted chloe to have a much better relationship with her grandparents. Oh well.. they say .. she will grow outta it.. and i really hope so.

Sick Tweety

Been sick for the past few days.. because a customer came in sick.. with her daughter.. i don’t understand why ppl go spread germs around.. when they know they are sick..and make me sick.. and my poor chloe may get wat i have later too.. suxs..!! on top of it.. i don’t have enough staffing..and cannot afford to get sick
I try very hard not to go too near to chloe.. and getting chloe’s da-da to help alot more than usual with her feeding and all.. so that chloe doesn’t catch anything i am having right now.
But chloe has been good.. and went to bed early and slept till 9am this morning.. giving me more rest.. than usual.. so i am really happy.. and she is playing alot on her own too.. today.. so that’s good.. 🙂
It would sux big time if chloe got ill. I am praying really hard.. that chloe doesn’t catch anything from me.. or anyone because Grammie is still busy.. and can’t come to look after chloe if i am sick… suxs!! 🙁

Baby in Basket 1

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Worshipping in basket??

Baby in Basket 2

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Baby in a basket.. heheh!!

Chloe’s first tricycle

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Chloe on her tricycle cum walker from Grampie!

New PM in Singapore

Many years ago.. when the Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew resigned as PM .. i already knew that his son, Mr Lee Junior was already gonna be the future PM. And that he wasn’t immediately the new PM then.. because he wasn’t really ready yet..??? And he is paving his way into his new seat .. in the future. The planning .. and timing is really good.. because i now think.. he is really ready to be the new PM.. and lead Singapore into greater challenges and heights. With the new PM.. I really think .. Singapore would make tremendous changes..and do things we have never seen before.. from his father’s time or those from PM Goh. Not that both the past PM has done anything wrong.. but different… i would imagine.
I read the news from the online straits time everyday.. and i look forward to seeing the changes, for example.. more freedom in speech.. more foreign news reporters, less censorship.

So.. tired.. and can’t understand why?

We had to open the store today on our own.. because we still haven’t got enough staffing.. and being the Shark Scramble today.. we thought it might be busy. What a mistake..!!! Not much business.. plus we are so tired.. and the trainee who was supposedly to work today.. to cushion us .. at least a little.. didn’t turn up for work.. left a message on the phone.. saying something about fire at home.. and her family didn’t make it.. ??!!!?? But she has been in the hospital for 5hrs..??? So if they didn’t make it.. why does she need to be in the hospital..??? Anyhow.. we didn’t get the whole story at all.. so we’ll just have to wait for her to show up .. which we don’t even know when. Oh well.. 🙁
Anyhow.. I’m so tired.. and so is my spouse.. for he has been waking up.. during the mornings.. to be with chloe… poor da-da.. been waking up a few mornings for me now.. 🙁
And i just found out that my mosquitoes and bugs bites.. ain’t mosquitoes and bug bites.. they are what we chinese call.. cold blood symptom. Anyhow.. gotta try to remember wat i did before.. but gotta get away from the water.. and anything cooling.
And my poor chloe.. teething badly again.. didn’t wanna eat very much.. and fussing alot.. and clenching her mouth.. and hands.. wonder why.. gotta check with grammie about that.
In the meantime.. i am tired as hell.. and am going to sleep right now.

Baby in between coffee table

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Oops..!! you caught me under the coffee table.

Baby in Bouncer

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My Little Miracle!

Toothless Baby

Oops!!! where are those teeth i am waiting for..?? I am still boh-gay (toothless in hokkien)

Missing Godma …

Chloe’s godma came into town to visit before leaving for home.. Brampton.. but we just missed her. because we went for an open house.. and then to Vanguard to advertise our new prices for rentals. Boy! the guy at Vanguard.. sure isn’t helpful.. nor look or acted very smart. Had to get the papers for him to see what we meant.. and where we wanted to put the ad on. Disapppoint?? Yes! He looked so blur.. like a sotong (octopus). Plus we wouldn’t be able to run it by next week, what a disappointment.. if we had known… we wouldn’t rush to get in today .. and wouldn’t have to miss Chloe’s godma. Wat a great disappointment..!! missing godma.. and silly advertising person. Oh well.. Godma.. come visit soon again…!!! Seeing godma twice in the two weeks she was here.. wasn’t enough at all…!!!

Good Grampie

Grampie was down at the store to visit shortly after 6pm this evening after making a big delivery to Needs (grocery store), luckily we were still in the store.. we usually leave early.. when jenn comes in early.. but it was busy today .. because it was our store’s 5th Anniversary Sale. Anyhow.. grampie gave chloe $40 towards her walk n’ ride toy. And I made Uncle Richie give us another $6 .. from his bingo winnings .. hahaha!!! Hurray .. chloe is gonna have her toy soon.. perhaps tomorrow… because Chloe was very cranky at the store today.. and it was very busy.. we only left for home at 8pm.. just in time to put Chloe down to bed. I hope to get one that is cheaper than $45.00 .. but i may have to wait a long time.. in order for us to get it at Toy R’ Us.. for a $19.99 ones. Well.. we’ll see.. since we are going to Halifax at the end of August .. and in September for Chloe’s godfather’s wedding in PEI. That reminds me to check if PEI has a Toy R’ Us. Thanks Grampie..!!! Thanks Uncle Richie..!!! for your contribution..!!

Losers! or two-face..???!!??

Went to Tim’s today with Chloe for coffee.. and also to put chloe to sleep.. because bringing her for a walk.. when she is due for a nap.. would put her to sleep.. so that she doesn’t miss her naps.. and wouldn’t be cranky.. a trick i learnt recently. Anyhow.. on this day.. we went up to Tim’s .. and chloe was dozing off. And guess who was there..???!!!??? That fella’s wife (who used to work for us) who said to my store manager that he hoped Chloe didn’t look like me. We viewed those ppl who sits at Tim’s .. and view the world.. as losers.. because they have nothing better to do.. and she was there.. with her daughter. She insisted on seeing Chloe.. even though we were turned away from her.. by pretending to ask her daughter to go look at the baby (when there were so many babies at Tim’s at that time). So if they didn’t like me.. or hated my guts.. why have anything to do with me..???!!!?? Because i want nothing to do with them.. i never ask to see their kids.. who cares..??!!??? as far as I am concern… about them or their kids. Anyhow she came around and ask how old chloe is.. and i gave her a very short answer.. and left quickly. I took a quick glimpse at her daughter.. and she doesn’t look anything like that fella or his wife.. blond hair and all.. and both parents.. and their family are not blond. Ummmhhh.. so where did the blond come from..????!!!?? Need I say some more..???!!!???
I spoke to his “best friend” a few days later .. when he was at the store… and told him wat his “best friend” said.. and he told me.. they are no longer friends.. because he is STUPID..!!! and only wants to be friends.. when in need. So that says alot about this fella and his wife..??!!!??? But the wife’s brother has always been really good … with us.. no complains..and a really mild fella.. who always have nice things to say about others. So wat happen there..???!!?? Oh well… maybe too much association with that fella.. ?? turned her .. into a scheming person too. Maybe..?? Oh well.. not my problem.. just another loser.. to me.