Some Money We Don’t Wanna Earn


Most people would take anyone’s money but not us.  Some customers are just not worth making any business with them.  It makes no sense when they’ve bought so many things from us and have had such a long relationship with us and yet can come back with the notebook and say things like it would electrocute them. Really?  mannn!!  I wanna smack that person, but I had a lot of customers at the store when the event takes place.  Of course, if you meddle with the wires, and tear off the tape that we used to keep you and anyone safe, you can get electrocuted if you are not careful and there was no need to be rude especially, if we had been so kind to him all the time.

You may be the customer, but no one should treat another human being this way.  So no we are not doing his business no more.  Thank you very much ! let someone else deal with his shit just not us.

Shitty Dog Owner/s


So I went to get coffee and breakfast as soon as we opened the store and when I returned , guess what I saw somewhat near our store front?  DOG POOP  !!  yes !  all over the Main Street and had I not told a customer to be careful , he would have stepped on it and then bring it into our store.

Anyhow, the boss had to go out and picked up all the shitty poo because i can’t bend down to pick them up, but the above picture gave me the idea for this summer whereby a lot of shitty dog owners are gonna do the same thing, let their dogs poop everywhere on main street or wherever they want.  I hope that karma gets them , and they poop none stop till their butt hole feels like they have chilli padi on them constantly.

So chalk it is this summer, I shan’t pick up any poop and no one should , I will write a big sign like the above to warn ppl from stepping on it instead of picking them up for shitty dog owners.

Housing Problem For Lower Income Family


My heart goes out to all the families who are affected again this time.  The last time people were put out the street were because of some crooked landlord who bought apartments and ran off with money they had gotten from the bank without doing anything for the apartments or paying their mortgages.

Now it’s because of safety issues from what I’ve read thus far.  The landlord said it’s the tenants fault and the tenant said it’s the landlord’s fault , so she said he said again.  But no matter who is responsible, no one should be kicked out of their home and left in the cold especially during winter and such short notice.  A week or two i read on facebook , that some folks are dealing with.

 I sincerely wished the town could step up and handle this problem seriously.

PS3 Clean Up


Holy Moly !  no wonder the PS3 doesn’t wanna work !  this belongs to a customer of course, he didn’t buy it from us, probably brought it from the yard sale and brought it to us to clean it out.  Some people just smoke and have dusty houses i guess.


But the boss don’t feel iikeee about it and will clean it up for them for a mere $20 !!!!  I wouldn’t go near it – that’s for sure.

Ice On SideWalk Problem


Yes, we have a huge problem this year but wait a minute, it think it is every year but this year , it’s a little bit worst than previous.  I’ve heard and seen many people falling down and hurting themselves and some had a fracture hand and broken leg.

I feel really awful about it and had predicted that it would happen sooner or later.  Had this been the States, the town would have been sued.  The mayor said that they were doing their best , the business owners said they were doing their best to clean the sidewalks too but what about the carpark and the back alleys?  What about the schools?  yes, I’ve seen the school’s sidewalk very poorly done and snow piling so high, you can’t see the traffic coming.

Sure the snow removal folks are working really hard but something needs to be address here before more people get hurt or more accidents in the road.  I feel especially bad for the younger school kids, because they had to climb on top of the snow banks to get to their parents cars.

How can one prevent accidents?  can the town do more?

Proper Channels


I’m writing this from memory, so don’t hate me if I get this wrong.  Sometime during Christmas I think, a group of kind hearted women was online to try and get another lady without oil for her furnace some money to put oil in.  The storm was coming and it was going to be a holiday weekend.  While I applaud all these kind and generous ladies, one had asked the mayor and the MIA for help.  Of course, the Mayor and the MLA replied and said that they can’t help personally and sent them off to the relevant people.  Unfortunately, those people were already approached before and they won’t help either.

While I can understand the frustration from this group of kind women folks, I can also understand why the Mayor and MLA said no to extend their personal help.  Firstly, I am sure this isn’t the first incident that the Mayor and MLA had been asked to help and on the other hand, what is the other side of the story of the woman needing oil for winter.

There is always 2 sides to a story and the right side, I’ve learned this a hard way and don’t jump into conclusion anymore.  These days, I help if I can and if I cannot I just shut the hell up.

Too Much Snow This Year !


This picture says it all doesn’t it !  I rest my case !  but seriously, we have way too much snow this year.  I think we are just getting the times when we didn’t have a lot of snow.  Pay back time says Mr Winter !  hahahha!!!

Kudos To 100 Women’s Club


Yes ! kudos to the 100 women club for taking the initiative and forking $100 quarterly to help a non – profit organization.  I wanted to join the club too but no one approached me about it so I decided to just continue doing my own charitable work that I’ve been doing for the last 25 yrs.

Even though we’ve been in business for 16 years to date, it still seems like we are still not included in a lot of stuff that we can be helpful for around town.  But that’s ok, because that means that we don’t have to entertain and can help the charity we want to help without the big boo haaas.   Low profile works best for the boss, so we will continue being as low profile as possible.  But kudos to the 100 women who have gotten together to help others.

UpTown Or Downtown

cats2 buildings downtown to choose from and a proposal for a downtown building as well.  So where do we move?  do we want to own our own building or just continue to rent a bigger space.  Rent downtown or uptown?  so many choices and so many decisions one has to make.  What to do ?  what to do?

Boat or No Boat


So everyone in town and around is asking if we are getting the boat back this summer.  Hurry up , Nova Star !  we need you to start taking bookings that way the rumors will stop immediately.

Of course, I want the boat back!  we don’t see any tourists in our store but hey ! if it is good for the town, I’m all for it.  I’m happy that other businesses are doing well, it doesn’t have to be always about us or what benefit us only.  Why can’t the people see the big picture here.  So hurry up ! Nova Star !!!!  get your act together!

Merriest Christmas To All

The Merriest Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  This has been the busiest and happiest year thus far for us here at the store.  Why?  because we are sold out of a lot of things and more stock coming in during the new year and we also am at our highest sale of all the years we’ve been in business.

We opened on Boxing Day – the real one and today Saturday and it is still as busy as yesterday.  Last nite we closed at 10.30pm and people were still spending money.  Holy moly !  we are so blessed by the people of this town and the surrounding areas.  15 yrs in business, really puts us in the map.  But we will continue to strive and bring in more stuff for the people/customers.  Next year we have more in plan.  Plus we do have Jeff to help us this year, we are so blessed.  Jeff is very knowledgeable and also genuinely happy to help the customers and never grouchy at all, so nice for a change.


People Helping People Around Town

I see many people helping out others who are less fortunate around town and we too want to help out.  One particular group would pair people together, no cash exchange to help out families and that to me is quite admirable.  There were two ladies who were on Main Street handing out stuff to keep people warm for the winter and a car company collecting winter clothing for children.  All very admirable I have to say and then of course, you see those who don’t really  need anything coming into the forum taking things from people who really needed them but what do you do?  you can’t call them out or you will be discriminating them.

I also saw a lady needing oil but the fuel bank wouldn’t do anything for her but thanks to some very generous people, the last I read, she had more than $400 worth of oil.  Hallelujah!  I don’t know who the lady is but I’m sure that would help her out for abit.

 Which comes down to the real reason why I wrote.  The organiser had called out the Mayor as well as the MLA for they had reply that they weren’t able to help.  On one hand I understand why they said no but on the other, $50 wouldn’t break them either.  But what is the protocol here for people who are calling out for help from the people who manages this town?  Do they have extra funds to help the people who are really in need?  or do they just have to turn a deaf ear or a blind eyes when help is really needed or worst dig into their own pocket to fund those in need?

It sure doesn’t seems a lot fair does it if they had to do that for everyone?  so what is the protocol?  one shouldn’t really blame the mayor or councilors if they are not that upbeat about digging into their own pockets because there are far too many people who are in need in this town.  But having said that, I have seen many people stepped up and help others.  Usually, I’ve noticed that these help comes from the less income folks but the elite, I haven’t seen lifted a finger to help.  Oh well, to each his own I guess.  Did we help?  yes, but we only did it anonymously.  We don’t need the credit , we just want to stay as low key as possible.

A Very Busy Month


Yes, we had been very busy !  therefore, please excuse us for not updating as often as we would love to and telling you all the good stuff happening at the business and the store.

Gold Crosses For Christmas


Every year during Christmas season, we get so busy , we shop for our Christmas presents usually last minute.  This year however, I found a place that sells  gold cross  for all my church friends for Christmas and since they are so reasonable in prices, I’ve decided to buy more than just a few because my nieces and nephews could use one as well.  So a bar of chocolate and these lovely gold crosses for every single one.

It Was Freezing Cold


I’m so glad we didn’t have our Christmas decor up yet during the Xmas parade this year.  It was freezing cold !  i feel bad for the children out there in the cold watching the parade go by for 30 mins.  We did this once in the city because they said the city’s parade was better but it wasn’t worth it at all , waiting in the cold.  it was crazy!

My kid was sitting up in the windows watching the parade and keeping warm , i’m so glad she didn’t ask to go out.  So from now on , we ain’t decorating the store’s windows till after the parade. hahah!  we win!

$2000 A PoP???!!??

Candy Cane Lane Logo

Really?  $2000 a pop?  for candy canes on downtown streets?  I sometimes wonder where they get their quotes from?  I checked with a supplier of ours in Canada and the highest end candy cane for this kind of project is like $500 – I was quoted.  The town seems to get the highest bids in everything they want to bring into town.  I wonder if they have checked with our local gift stores to get them to use their connections for stuff like that.  The people in charge really need to get in touch with the right people to get the right prices or learn to negotiate.

We Are Rebels This Year !


 Yup! we are christmas rebels this Christmas !  hehe!!  we haven’t had our windows decorated at the store yet !  not because we don’t want to but because I had been sick and that kept me from doing what I want to do this year.  But not to worry, we will have the decor up by December 1st I promised.

It’s Been A Year ……..


It’s been about a year now since our last help left and even though we missed the extra time that we get to do things for ourselves and go to the city, it hasn’t been too bad for us.  One thing for sure is we did save a lot of money and also no longer stress with having to keep anyone happy or worried that the customer/s may be offended in any ways.

Fortunately, for us, we did get help after our last help left and this help is a lot more knowledgeable and friendly as well.  It’s hard to find good help, so when a friend say he would come help us, we definitely wouldn’t refused.

First Busy November

Novembers are usually very slow for us , well until the fishermen goes out for their lobster fishing and then we will all get busy.  But this year, everyone is busy, it’s not just us but everyone.  I’m very happy indeed to see that all businesses are doing well and hope that it will continue for the small businesses on Main Street.

And we have been selling a lot of Pokemon cards of late – I can’t believe it !  and Yugi – Oh too!  it’s awesome!  seeing that people are supporting our local business more.

Chambers Of Commerce


In our 15 years in business, we’ve never joined the chambers of commerce in town.  Why?  we really didn’t feel a need to because it’s a bunch of elite people gathering around and drinking and eating and doing a lot of volunteering work that we don’t have the time for.  Of course, joining the chambers also requires a membership fees and I don’t quite understand why they never approached us till we were very established.

The boss and I are usually working on our own, and don’t have the time to mingle and gossip or do any volunteering work for the town.  Sure we want to support the town with any upgrades and improvements but basically we just want to make an honest living.  And you know the boss, he has no time for small talk because if he had time, he rather go home and play some video games or watch a movie.  So there you have it, we just want to make an honest living and the rest, we just like our privacy.