New Gadget For Computer Repairing

Some new gadget that we ordered for a customer and now we also have one so that if you need your computer reformatted or need stuff to be transferred from one hard drive to another, it would be so cost effective for us.

We do sell this at our store of course now for folks who have a business and needs back up for their other computers or the hospital or schools. A local school already ordered one from us – we are happy to have found this thru’ our customer.

Airshow In Town

I’ve been to many airshows before coming to Canada but this airshow in our town is still very good and amazing and I’m so happy that the town brought them in.  I would have paid more than $5 per person just to get into the airshow and see everything up closed and personal.

There were so many people enjoying the airshow and I know that we had such an amazing time.

The planes were loud but we didn’t mind it a little bit.

Congrats to the organizers and of course the airport manager for co-ordinating everything.

This year getting into the airshow didn’t take us long at all – unlike previous years, we turned back because the line wasn’t moving at all after half an hour.

I can’t wait for the next airshow to come back to town.  I for one am very appreciative for all these events – they are so good for the kids and the economy of the town.

Migrating To USA

 My favorite customer turned into friend is migrating to USA with her family and since she is from Peru, she uses these  abogados de inmigracion  to help her out with the migrating papers.  I think it’s because people from Colombia, Peru or even Cuba has a harder time migrating to USA, therefore, some professional assistance is important.

She just leaves everything to these immigration lawyers and is busy saying farewell to everyone here in Canada.  Of course, I will miss her and her family plus her business but if she was moving because of a better job, I say go for it.  Good luck ! my dear friend!

14 Yrs In Business

Celebrating our 14 years in business and I cannot believed that I’ve been here for almost 13 yrs – not an easy feat – not an easy ride but I’ll have to said I enjoyed every moment of it especially now.  Why now?  now that the business is doing good and the we don’t owe anyone any money – I’m of course the happiest.  The boss is the most honest person and never charges anything more than he should – sometimes I wanna strangle him but I’m happy that he is honest.  That way we can sleep and be happy.  So here’s to another 14 years of good business.

Swags For Music Fest

The music fest had just ended in town and every year I wished they gave out swags for those who attended the music fest, now that would be something to look forward to right?  Maybe, next year, we can buy altieri gig bags at wwbw  and sponsor the local music fest this way.  Who wouldn’t love one of these gig bags right?  I received one when I attended a street music fest in San Francisco one year.  Hopefully, next year the music fest organizers would approach us earlier that way we can make the order for them in time for the music festival.

Busy Summer For The Town

Yup!  it had been a busy summer for this town even though the ferry is not bad in service yet but it is looking hopeful as of today because they are in the final stages of negotiation and it looks like the Nova Star is the ferry that has won the contract to service the route from Maine, Bar Harbour to Yarmouth.  One can only hope that the deal will be signed soon and then the town can really be relief and not be kept guessing of its outcome.

A new Japanese restaurant just opened its door and of course the new food wagon also in town, all the good food in town and I’ve heard rumors that burger king isn’t far away from opening now.  What about us?  we have been so busy – it’s crazy!!  I’m trying very hard to stay at the store more because of how busy it is and although our help had been good, there are some stuff we have to take care of it ourselves.

Piano Lessons For Kids

Many parents wants their kid to take up piano lessons when they are young but they are afraid to get a real piano right away because you never know if you can keep the kid interested.  I can fully understand it because my kid had just started taking up piano lessons too.  We bought a keyboard for  her because it’s cheap and easily available but when she came home and told me that she needed to use a pedal for practicing I got worried too – that she may not be learning to do certain things correctly.   I had wanted to rush out to get her an acoustic piano but learned that a sustain pedal  is all I needed to get for her.   So for those who are worried about the same issues, have no fear because the sustain pedal is made to feel just like the pedals on the acoustic piano.

Luscious Wolfville

We were in Wolfville last weekend and enjoyed the town tremendously.  No loiterers, no poop on the ground, even the hanging baskets of flowers on Main Street were luscious !!!!  and as I was standing there – I told myself, why can’t OUR Main Street look like that???  Not too much to ask right of our town and it’s people who are managing it?  been here for 13 years and I don’t really see any improvement here on Main Street – really sad.

Of course I want this town that I’m in to thrive but when you watch the town meeting – the monthly ones online, I grew really sad – 3 hrs of meeting and I really didn’t see any spunk in the meeting at all.  Not one of the councilors were excited at all about anything.  *sigh*.  So what can I do to help the downtown business people?  how do we attract both the locals and tourists to come downtown?  a time to sit down and start thinking.

Small Business Suffers With Poor Economy

Today an old friend and long time customers came back for a 2 weeks vacation from PA  and the first thing he said was, he was glad that we are still in business.  Yes, with the poor economy around the country not only in Canada but everywhere else, it is not easy to keep afloat and we are really, really blessed.   I don’t know about bankruptcy laws here but bankruptcy laws in pa  as this long time customer said is quite different.

An acquaintance who used to own a business downtown and went bankrupt and lost his business didn’t seems affected at all by his bankruptcy. In fact, he seems to be more well off than we are, while we continued to work 12 hours a day both at the store and at home.   He was buying big tvs and new furniture every other month, they have 2 cars and his kids are all in daycare while his wife doesn’t work.  So yes, I don’t really understand the bankruptcy law here that’s for sure.

Food Aplenty In Town

Looks like we are getting some new food stores around this small town – from a fast food shed to a mobile truck with almost the same kind of food but boast of fusion burgers.

This is how the mobile food truck is gonna look like.

And of course the much welcome japanese restaurant that is currently asking for places where they make rolls – so that they can have lobster rolls on their menu.  Which makes me worried as to how authentic the Japanese food is going to be.

And today an announcement at the inn saying that they are bringing back the celidh’s cafe in the inn from August on. Pretty awesome lists of food to try in the near future.  Now when the tourists do come back, we have a lot of food to offer them but still some awesome attraction would be wonderful as well.

Don’t Try To Pull A Fast One On This Crazy Chinese Woman

The other day I was left alone at the store and this guy came in to buy some kinda extension cord for the Guitar Hero’s Guitar, when I checked with PB over Skype to see if we had one – he had replied no.  But this guy insisted on seeing different things in the store to see if he get the extension cord and modify it.  Of course, there is none – finally he had to end up getting the entire guitar but he had pulled out the cord to show me what it was from the guitar he was buying.  I also made sure that he wasn’t just gonna slipped the cord into his pocket and leave the guitar by placing the guitar right in front of the counter while I served another 3 other guys who had something to buy.

Finally, guy paid for the guitar, $30 + tax and left.  The next day, he called PB and told him that he didn’t get the extension cord and wonder if he can get one *rolled eyes*.  Luckily, I was at the store when he called and PB asked me and I told PB, it was there when he left.  Guy on the phone insisted that he didn’t get the extension cord * rolled the eyes more* in which PB told him over the phone that the wife saw the piece that he had unplugged and put it back together when he left.

Anyhow, he called again later, and asked PB if he had another one to sell, so PB dig one out from another system and sold it to him.  OMFG!!!!  He really thought that I was that blurrrrrrrr…………..!!!!

Just A Cliche

In my last 13 years in Canada, I’m very proud to announce that I’ve not lost myself as an Asian in this different world, I’m still very much me and I loved being who I am.  I’m also happy to announce that I’ve not joined any group or are only friends with certain people because everything is a cliche here.

I’m happy that I’ve concentrated on helping the boss with his business and only done things that I feel good about and helping out others but may not seems significant to the people in this town.  I’m blunt and honest to the extend whereby sometimes it might hurt others because I cannot stand being false or fake.

The town’s people had been really good to us, it’s just those “atas” people that we don’t mixed around with.  We find that the more “atas” the people the more they never spend money in our store, they rather go to the big stores to get “newer” stuff instead of supporting the local business *shrug*  – so yup ! we have no use for those “atas” people.  It’s those working folks like us who supports the local business and will try to make their money stretch.

Doing Business In A Small Town

 Tis’ not easy doing business in a small town.  We want to expand and I think it’s about time but to find the right building or to build one ourselves or even to bring investors in seems almost impossible without having to kiss someone’s you know what.  It’s very frustrating – the right location that we want – cannot be expanded and I was just told that even if we had the money, we have to be friends with the croakiest lawyer and politician.

I love the town, don’t get me wrong but we also want to own a building to call it our own – 14 yrs in business this august – we need to have something to show besides inventory right?  Got cash, got credit but no building that we can buy or rather, the buildings we want, is not up to code or the boss wants to turn a restaurant into a store – I say it’s crazy but he thinks it’s feasible ?  *roll eyes*.  Of course, anything can be done – but not without spending a lot of money – so unless he is ready to spend that kinda money to bring in some good construction ppl, he will only be getting a lot of headaches.  So yes, not easy at all and truthfully, I don’t wanna keep renting – do you?

Letters To The Editor

So I read in the local papers about the boat coming in and no one to greet them and also no stores opened at the time to show that we are a vibrant town.  Well, first of all – whoever co-ordinated with the cruise that came in with 100 or so people, should have informed the downtown stores and co-ordinated with the owners of the store if they so much wanted to show off the town.

Now secondly, you would think that the town councillors or the Mayor would have given a heads up to the small business owners – who have any touristy things that these people might be interested in.  And since tri-star catered to their bus tour, you would also think that someone from there would have informed the downtown merchants if they were gonna bring them to show them the downtown core.

Yes, a lot of things could have been done but apparently no one was being pro-active at all, so to blame the downtown merchants or anyone is useless, I think everyone should play a part in trying to show off your town.  For us, a video store and a computer store, I doubt anyone would be interested in getting anything here – but if they had wanted us to open to show off the town, we definitely would have played our part too.  But nope – no one came to co-ordinate with anybody as far as I can tell.

Stocking Up For Christmas


It’s 6 months away from Christmas but if I see something I can get for really cheap to decorate the store for Christmas, i would get it right away and stock up for Christmas.  In our kind of business, we only buy things that are wholesale prices – so when I saw these nutcrackers from for wholesale nutcrackers   I had to get them for decorating the doorway of the store.   I’m still looking for a bigger one for home and I can only afford a doorway one for home if I get them from a wholesaler.  If I had to buy it in a retail store, it would cost me double the price, so I always shop smart and buy them from wholesalers only.  One does have some perks when you own your own business.

For A Good Cause

I bidded for this painting by Andrea Hines on behalf of the store – because it was for a good cause.  It’s for the newly open Hebron Art Center that is spearheaded by an extended family.  He is not getting paid for what he is doing nor is he getting any break in his taxes, he is doing it because of his love for an art theater and all the good stuff.

So in order to show our support to the community, I decided to bid for the painting – little did I know that I would get the painting for a steal.  And I love the painting a lot!

Dog Friendly Town

When some dog owners complained that our town isn’t a dog friendly town, I think they are mistaken.  The town had put in so much effort for dogs and its owners to the extend of providing poop bags on Main Street for dog owners who do not pick up their dog poops was another example of how the town wants to encourage dogs to be downtown.  It’s the irresponsible owners who refused to pick up after their own dogs that makes the people in this town upset.  Dog lovers spend all sorts of money on their dogs and some bought  dog beds for large dogs  on a special site just because they have a huge dog, so why can’t they buy their own poop bags and pick up their dog’s poop?

Making it harder for those irresponsible dog lovers  who insist on dirtying the down to get away is the first and foremost thing to do.  Why go the round about ways right?  just give it to them straight.  And those regular town folks who hangs around the coffee shop should report irresponsible dog owners and get a stiff fine for these owners – that way they would never do it again.


Slow Computer

My computer in the office had been driving me nuts lately – and i suspect that it’s because of spyware since i loved watching my chinese movies online.  Regrettably, I’m unable to get any chinese movies here in town or even in the city because I’m in the West and the ones that is on Fairchild – that offers chinese shows are ones that I’ve already watched a long time ago.  And apparently, my free anti spyware  isn’t as good as the one that one paid for – thus I’ve decided to invest in a anti spyware that can protect my computer for work on real time.

Even thought the spouse is technically inclined, I don’t really want to make him work on my computer if he doesn’t have to – especially since he needs to clean out customer’s computer all the time.  So I’m pretty smart – and for those customers out there – you should get one too – because it’s definitely a good investment.

Parking Surprise By Town

I shouldn’t say I am surprised with the councils of this town voting against extending the free parking on Main Street but I’m really surprised at the councilors who voted against it.  Downtown needs something or many things to entice the people to come downtown or to encourage them to come downtown and by imposing and not changing the downtown parking bylaws just doesn’t make sense to me at all.

The neighbor who is a hair salon had decided to leave town – and move to his home to work – because of the rent – not much traffic downtown and of course, the 1 hrs parking isn’t good enough for his customers.  We mostly have walk-ins and not many people who comes to our store needs more than an hour but you would think that by extending the parking hours means that people don’t have to rush off town – in a hurry and have no time to browse at other stores.

It really doesn’t make sense to me – but when did this town ever make any sense – not surprised at all.  Going backwards seems to be how the councils like to be it seems.

Investing Smart

Some people do think that we make  a lot of money from the store but truth be told we make enough to be tax by the government and not get anything in return.  From HST to taxes and insurance and of course liability for the store and bills and more bills, so there is no way to get rich from having your own business especially when taxes are so high.  From income tax to property tax to business tax and some other taxes inpounded by the town.

Our only way to make more money is to invest wisely, like I told the boss all the time, else – our kid would never make it to college without having a huge debt first.  So we buy  american eagle gold coin  every now and then and keep those coins and resell them when the price is right.  You can never go wrong with investing with gold right? So for those out there – who wants to get rich – invest wisely not just by working hard but by investing smartly.