Why I Blog?

Contrary to what many ppl believe, I blog for the sake of blogging and not to put anyone down. I do not blog to criticize the ppl i meet here in this town or look down on them, I have no time for other ppl or their life. I love to mind my own business but being in business does not allow me to do that.

I do not blog for anyone .. but myself and just to jot down stuff that i’ve come across and experienced as a foreigner living in another country and as an owner by association to my spouse’s business. What you read is what I see everyday. Like I said in my Disclaimer.. if you think i am talking about you, you are just flattering yourself because the town i am currently living in has ppl doing the same thing all the time. Be it habits or whatever they currently are in favor of, so more likely than not.. i was just talking about your neighbor and not you.

Blogging about this town and its little quirks.. and mis-happenings can be fun and intriguing.. i hope you have fun.. and enjoy your reads here.